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Ataccama 14.5.2 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 14.5.2 of the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform.

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ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM, ONE Data, Data Stories

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Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories



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  • ONE-52936: Profiling no longer failing due to references to deleted job nodes.

  • ONE-53518: Catalog loading performance improved by using lateral join.

  • ONE-53484: Notification handler returned to DQIT server configuration.

  • ONE-53687: It is now possible to authenticate runtime server with basic authentication.

  • ONE-53621: 14.5.2 runtime added, meaning there are no more warnings about differing versions of ONE Desktop and ONE Platform server.


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  • ONE-53497: No more risk of records being duplicated during MDM recovery after crash.

  • ONE-53504: Actuator liveness, readiness, and startup probe attributes are now configurable and can be tuned in cloud deployments.

  • ONE-52890: Merge & Split Instances in compare view feature reimplemented.

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