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Processing Center

You can use the Processing Center to see the status of jobs in the application, view scheduled jobs, and cancel running jobs.

View jobs

To open the notifications view of the Processing Center, showing a number of most recent notifications, select the Processing Center icon in the main navigation menu (1). To open the fullscreen view, select Open Processing Center under the list of notifications (2).

Notifications view

In the fullscreen view, you can see both the executed jobs (Base Jobs) and the Scheduled Jobs.

Fullscreen view
You cannot create or edit jobs from the Processing Center.

Cancel running jobs

You can cancel a job which is not yet completed.

Cancellation can fail if the job was too far into the process at the time of cancellation. Additionally, cancelling one job can affect other running jobs.

We recommend checking the Processing Center afterwards to make sure the job got cancelled successfully, and to see if any other jobs are affected.

To cancel a job:

  1. Go to the Processing Center (select the icon in the navigation menu).

    Cancel running jobs
  2. Hover over the running job which you want to cancel and select the cross icon.

  3. Confirm by selecting Cancel Job. The status of the job changes to Cancelled:

    Cancelled job status

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