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Format Your Values

Date formatting

For the relevant dimension or metric, select Formatting to define the format of your dates (only for date enums).

Several formatting options are available:

format your values date formatting

In Dimensions column

If you assign a date type attribute to the Dimensions column, you can:

format your values date formatting bucketing extract
  1. Format date values by choosing one of the available formatting options.

  2. Select between Bucketing or Extract.

    1. Bucketing adjusts or rounds the date to the chosen granularity level (hour, day, week, month, quarter, year).

      For example, using bucketing on a value of 2021/01/10 10:00:00 gives the following results:

      Selection Result Description




      '2021/01/10 10:00:00'

      No change



      Hours, minutes, and seconds get truncated



      Monday of the same week




      Beginning of Q1 2021



      First day of the year

    2. Extract selects the desired part of the date and discards the rest.

      For example, using extraction on a value of '2021/01/10 10:00:00' gives the following results:

      Selection Result Description






      day of the week


      (Sunday, on a range from 1-7)

      day of the month



      day of the year












Number formatting

As an example, in the Dimensions (the x-axis) of a line chart, you will often want to map an attribute containing a category such as dates or locations. In the Metrics (the y-axis) of a line chart, you typically want a countable value, such as items sold.

In Metrics column

For the relevant metric, select Number format to define the format of your values (only for numerical enums).

You have a few predefined options to choose from between Number or Currency as mapped below:

Number Currency
  • 123 - Integer only

  • 123.45 - Two decimal places

  • 123.4567 - Four decimal places

  • % - Percentage

  • M - Millions / B - Billions

  • EUR - Euro

  • USD - US Dollar

Furthermore, a Custom option is available, offering advanced customization for numerical values according to your preference and regional needs. Selecting Custom format opens a menu with the following configurations:

  • Number of decimal places: Adjust the number of decimal places with the plus '(+)' and minus '(-)' signs to increase or decrease precision.

  • Decimal places separator: Choose between Dot or Comma to suit regional preferences.

  • Thousands separator: Select Dot, Comma, or Space to differentiate thousands.

  • Prefix/Suffix: Enter a prefix or suffix in the designated fields. This is useful for adding currency symbols or other identifiers.

  • Abbreviate large numbers: Select this to automatically abbreviate large numbers (that is, '1000' abbreviated to 'K', '1,000,000' to 'M').

This pop-up menu also features a trash icon next to the close option for removing customizations as needed. Additionally, number formatting can be directly eliminated from the Number format menu by selecting Remove.

format your values number formatting custom
  • As of 15.2.0, the currency options have been simplified to include only EUR (Euro) and USD (US Dollar).

  • Custom formats can be applied independently and are displayed both on the data label within the chart and on the axis description.

  • When utilizing multiple metrics with different formats, the format on the axis follows the format of the first metric.

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