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Limit or Turn Off ONE Data Capabilities

The ONE Data module can be turned off or limited in functionality via specific feature flags. There are three options:

  • Deactivate the ONE Data module entirely.

  • Turn off the option to load data from catalog items to ONE Data for data management and remediation.

  • Limit which data can be loaded to ONE Data to allow loading only reference data.

How these feature flags are managed depends on your deployment type:

  • Self-managed deployments: The feature flags are included in the provided Ansible scripts.

  • Ataccama Cloud Dedicated deployments: These settings are managed by Ataccama. Contact Ataccama Professional Services for assistance.

  • Ataccama Cloud Essential/Professional/Enterprise deployments: These settings can be managed in in the configuration interface (Cloud Portal), from the Settings tab > Experimental features section of a specific environment.

    ataccama 15.2.0 release notes one data feature flags cloud portal

The default state of the feature flags is as follows for all deployment types:

  • ONE Data is enabled.

  • ONE Data Load is enabled.

  • ONE Data Load limited to reference data is disabled.

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