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Welcome to Ataccama ONE

Ataccama ONE unifies Data Governance and Data Quality into a single, AI-augmented platform across on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environments.

Ataccama ONE is divided into three core sections:

  • Knowledge Catalog — Connect your sources to build and govern your data catalog. Browse your connections, run domain detection, profiling or DQ evaluation, check for anomalies, view term suggestions, or explore lineage.

  • Business Glossary — Use Business Glossary to manage terms and their hierarchies. Terms help categorize your data and are a key aspect of data quality evaluation, as data quality rules are applied to terms.

  • Data Quality — Evaluate the quality of your data to discover issues in your dataset and ensure data accuracy, credibility, and consistency. This is where you manage and create data quality and detection rules and configure and run monitoring projects.

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