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Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) helps solve the issue of having multiple data sets, often created using different input streams, that describe the same entity. Typically, these data sets contain conflicting information about the same record.

To fix the problem, the application creates a single master record that is then used in all systems within the organization. This way, records are centrally maintained and updated and, if new data is added, a number of different parameters are taken into account to determine whether the master record should be changed accordingly.

Master data management process

Any new data that MDM receives goes through several stages to determine if it is suited for updating a master data record. Each stage weighs the data and adds to or subtracts from a confidence score with the goal of deciding whether the data can be used to update the said record or whether a new master record should be created instead. To check the usability of the data, MDM can leverage the full capabilities of the DQ engine built into ONE Desktop.

Every record generally consists of multiple bits of data, such as a first and last name, address, and telephone number. What information is updated depends on the new data available. Oftentimes, the MDM process determines that only one of these parameters should be updated in the master record.

MDM Architecture

The MDM solution is a standalone application that does not rely on other parts of the Ataccama platform to function, although it can be used together with ONE.

MDM consists of two parts: MDM server and MDM web application, with Keycloak as the identity and access management tool and a database of your choice (MSSQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL). Since Keycloak can be integrated with most popular, industry standard authentication and authorization solutions, all user management can be handled within the existing authentication and authorization solution.

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