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Logback Configuration

The Configuration Service provides another way of defining Logback configuration in addition to the Logback configuration integrated within ONE modules. The Logback configuration specified through the Configuration Service is given higher priority than the default one and it overrides any logging options set in either the module’s deployment configuration or the local etc/ file.

Working with logback configuration

The Logback configuration can be set in the Configuration section of any deployment in the Configuration Service, under Logback. The XML definition needs to be nested inside <included> tags. For more information on how to customize the configuration, see the official Logback configuration.

logback configuration one config service

To control whether the Logback configuration is used, select Applied. If Applied is unselected, the configuration is stored but not used in the module.

Any changes made to the Logback configuration need to be deployed (Deploy Logback) so that the modules can consume them.

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