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Ataccama 13.7.0 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 13.7.0 of the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. Release information affecting all modules in the platform can be found first, and module specific information can be found in the corresponding ONE, MDM, and RDM sections.

Release information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM

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Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories


Local search configuration feature

The Elastic-powered full-text search which was previously only available in Catalog Items can now be configured on additional entities. Currently this search can be enabled only on the highest level lists of entities and only on the flat view of hierarchical entities, such as terms or rules. To add Elasticsearch configurations to additional entities, go to Global Settings > Search Configurations. For more information, see ROOT:configure-full-text-search.adoc.

Benefits of Elasticsearch on entities include improved search results and filter configuration.

ataccama 13.7.0 release notes local search

Extended rule condition builder

Previously when creating rules, modifiers on attributes could only be defined in the Rule Logic using ONE Expressions. We have now added more functions and modifiers to the Rule Logic Condition Builder. While the Condition Builder does not cover every configuration that could be achieved using ONE expressions, it means the most useful configurations are immediately available. For example, you can now check if the average of one attribute is greater than the average of second attribute solely using the Condition Builder.

ataccama 13.7.0 release notes condition builder

Entity screen customization

You can now edit the tab name and icon directly from the entity screen that you are viewing (View), as well as modify the screen layout (Layout). This means that you can control which node properties are shown on the page and how the page is organized. To open the sidebar, expand the more options menu on the screen which you want to work with and select Edit or Edit page template (for entity details pages).

In addition, two more options are available for custom nodes: Filter and Fetch Rules. This way, you can apply AQL expressions or configure more complex patterns to display only specific entities on the page. For more information, see Entity Screen Customization.

ataccama 13.7.0 release notes entity screen filter

Snowflake SQL Pushdown Processing

Snowflake SQL Pushdown Processing is now available for early adopters. The feature allows users to run profiling and data classification as an SQL pushdown workload directly on Snowflake.

As workloads are executed on Snowflake without the data being moved anywhere, this means faster processing and can be especially advantageous for very large tables. Processing can be potentially sped up 100 times while the overall processing time is reduced to minutes instead of hours.

If you are interested in participating in the Early Adopters Program for this feature, contact your Ataccama engagement manager.


In this version, native services available on HttpEndpoint in both SOAP and XML formats are not secured by default and additional configuration must be used. For more information, see Native Services.

REST API Swagger and configuration changes

The nme-rest plugin in nme-config.xml has been removed. The endpoint for REST API is now /api/rest (the endpoint is hardcoded and no longer configurable). See REST API for details.

Open API Swagger

Open API Swagger, available at /swagger-ui.html, allows you to see the list of available REST API endpoints and operations in a browser-based HTML interface.

ataccama 13.7.0 release notes open api swagger

OnlineCtl commands replaced by REST API calls

The functionality of MDM OnlineCtl commands (discontinued in 13.4) has been replaced by REST API interfaces.

The following example shows the difference between stopping a stream consumer using an OnlineCtl command and a REST call:

OnlineCtl (pre-13.4) REST API (13.7 and later)

call "%DQC_HOME%\bin\onlinectl.bat" -config ..\etc\default.serverConfig stopMdcStreamConsumer <consumerName>

POST /api/rest/interfaces/streaming/consumers/<consumerName>/stop

For full list of endpoints, see REST API.

Upgrade notes

To determine your upgrade path for version 13.7.0, please see the MDM Upgrade Procedure and MDM 13.7.0 Upgrade Notes.


Upgrade notes

There are no version specific upgrade notes for 13.7.0, to determine your upgrade path see RDM Upgrade Procedure.

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