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Importing and Exporting Configurations

The Configuration Service offers the possibility to import and export all configured data for any number for deployments.

Configuration data is imported into the Configuration Service only on the first startup. In addition, the Configuration Service database needs to be empty. Otherwise, the data is not imported.

Import configurations

To import configuration data, an init-data.yml file needs to be placed in the cs/storage folder. Importing configuration data automatically creates all the necessary deployments, environments, constants, and local file systems.

If the name of the import file is changed, the Configuration Service can no longer detect it and the configuration is not imported.
All platform properties defined in init-data.yml need to be related to one of the deployments specified in the same import file. If you attempt to import platform properties for a deployment that is not created on import due to missing information, those properties are removed from the deployment configuration when you start editing it.

The init-data.yml file has the following structure:

Example Configuration (init-data.yml)
- name: "dev"
- name: "prod"
  constant1: "value1"
- name: "lfs1"
  environment: "prod"
  - "admin,user"
- name: "lfs2"
  environment: "dev"
    - ""
- module: "mmm-be"
  environment: "prod"
  uri: "mmm-be-prod"
  publicUrl: ""
  privateUrl: ""
  isPublic: true
- module: "dpm"
  environment: "prod"
  uri: "dpm-prod"
  publicUrl: ""
  privateUrl: ""
  isPublic: false
    - description: "dpm-key"
      type: "jwt"
      content: "content"
      fp: "fingerprint"
      expiredAt: "2021-08-21"
    test.property1: "value1"
    test.property2: "value2" "{{constant1}}"
    '': "" "{{MMM-BE-PROD_ENVIRONMENT}}"

Export configurations

To export your current configuration, go to <configuration_service_url>/v1/backup and provide your credentials when prompted. The exported backup-data.yml file can be later renamed to init-data.yml and imported into another instance of the Configuration Service.

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