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Ataccama 14.5.3 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 14.5.3 of the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform.

Release Information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM, ONE Data, Data Stories

Release date



Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories

Known Issues

This section lists issues we are currently aware of which are considered significant, and which could impact the functionality of your build. We highly recommend reviewing this section before every upgrade.
Module Issue To be resolved in


ONE-57950: After upgrading to 14.5.2-patch2, the Send Mail task in the workflow fails.

14.5.4, 15.3.0


ONE-57985: The AI Matching functionality fails to load in the Ataccama Cloud Professional, Enterprise, and Universal deployments when using Amazon Aurora.



ONE-51170: On Windows, creating a new MDM or RDM project fails with a similar error: "Problem loading metadata for model project [Project name]".

To resolve this, right-click the project name in the Model Explorer and select Reload Metadata.

14.5.4, 15.3.0

Known Issues Resolved

We report known issues in each release. Below is the list of the issues that have been resolved across the platform for this version.

Module Issue Reported in


ONE-53206: RDM enrichment feature does not function.


Data Stories

This consolidated update aims to improve your experience with Data Stories by fixing bugs, providing enhancements to existing functionalities, and adding minor improvements to the user interface.

Visualizations Improvements

  • The name of the source catalog item or Data Quality (DQ) result is now prominently displayed right above the raw data in the table in Data View. This gives you a clearer reference to your data source.

  • Visualization names are now displayed directly in the pop-up editor when editing a visualization from the Report Builder, whether it’s a dashboard or story.

  • We improved the Cumulative Sum function, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with Multiseries charts. When using this feature in the visualization builder, you no longer encounter validation errors.

  • We renamed the Top N feature to Top/Bottom Values and added a tooltip to explain how the functionality affects your visualization results.

  • We improved the formatting functionality of numeric values in your visualizations.

UI Improvements

  • The Visualization Builder is now better adjusted for smaller screen resolutions. In addition, switching between data table and visualization is more intuitive (using icons instead of text).

  • Updated empty state for no filter results: Improved messaging for cases when no data is displayed due to filters applied.

  • Improved Select/Create collection modal: When creating a new visualization, it’s now easier to select between existing collections or create a new one directly from the modal.

  • Create buttons on Home and Report screens: When you select Create on the Home or Report screen, you can no longer create individual visualizations, only dashboards or stories.

  • Renamed Add transition to side option: The Add transition to side option is renamed to Slide-in horizontally to better reflect its functionality. This option allows slides to move horizontally in Presentation or View mode, offering an alternative to the default vertical transition.


REST API Response Improved

The master_id attribute is now included in the response from instance write endpoints. This functionality is configured in the file (see MDM Server Application Properties, section MDM Features).

Rate Limiter for REST Requests

We added a rate limiter that allows controlling the frequency of REST requests by setting rate limits based on URI and HTTP method. If the limits are exceeded, a 429 Too Many Requests HTTP response status code will be returned to prevent server overload. To learn more, see Rate Limiter.

New Prometheus Metrics

We have introduced new Prometheus metrics to monitor various aspects of user activity, data volumes, data changes, and data models. These metrics ensure transparent monitoring and can be useful for debugging and understanding the MDM environment.

MDM Upgrade Notes

To determine your upgrade path, see MDM Upgrade Procedure and MDM 14.5.3 Upgrade Notes.


REST API Improvements

When retrieving records using RDM REST API, you can now define business dates. If the businessDate parameter in modeSetup is set to null, the response now contains only records that are currently valid (as defined in the business date columns for the table). Previously, having businessDate set to null returned all records.

You can also use businessDate to retrieve records that were valid at a particular point. If you need to retrieve all records, use ignoreBusinessDates instead. For details, see RDM REST API, section Get records with advanced filtering.

In addition, you can limit how many records are returned in each request by setting the properties and These define the default limit for each request as well as the maximum number of records that can be obtained in a single request, respectively. To learn more, see RDM Application Properties, section RDM properties.

Two additional fixes were introduced:

  • Records can now be filtered by a DATE datatype field as expected.

  • Boolean and numeric data is correctly represented in JSON datatypes (without quotes).

Changes to Publish Action in Create and Edit Dialog

The Publish action in Create and Edit dialog, which lets you publish changes immediately after creating or editing a record, is now shown only on entities that have no workflow defined.

In addition, the Publish and Save options are now displayed next to each other. Previously, to access Save, you first had to open the actions menu.

New Prometheus Metrics

We have introduced new Prometheus metrics to monitor various aspects of user activity, data volumes, data changes, and data models. These metrics ensure transparent monitoring and can be useful for debugging and understanding the RDM environment.

RDM Upgrade Notes

To determine your upgrade path, see RDM Upgrade Procedure and RDM 14.5.3 Upgrade Notes.



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  • ONE-56926: Fixed the issue where the rule implementation showed the “unknown variable” error in monitoring projects, even when the variable existed.

  • ONE-56137, ONE-55835: Fixed permission issues on rules in monitoring projects.

  • ONE-56052: Data Observability now calculates data quality even when there is a problem with a catalog item. Such catalog item is skipped and the failure is tracked in the Processing Center.

  • ONE-55725: Metadata import from ONE Data source in Data Observability now works as expected.

  • ONE-55683, ONE-56082: Fixed the issue where monitoring projects stayed in a draft state when they were not supposed to.

  • ONE-55682: Fixed the issue where in the configuration of monitoring projects, the AQL filter was changing automatically to the internal filter ID.

  • ONE-55588: When configuring the DQ rule logic, it is now possible to delete values from the is/isn’t from the following list condition without editing in the text box.

  • ONE-55518: Data Observability now shows the correct total number of Checked Catalog items in the Data Quality section.

  • ONE-55377: Fixed the issue where ONE Data table name changed to an ID after running profiling.

  • ONE-55285: Fixed the scheduler queue size and rejection behavior. You are now warned when the scheduled job queue is 90% full and approaches job rejection.

  • ONE-55187: Fixed the issue where Data Observability pause/resume did not work when freshness was not configured.

  • ONE-55184: Fixed the issue where updates of the data type of VCI attributes were not propagated to ONE.

  • ONE-55167: Improved notification metrics: ONE now counts not only successfully sent notifications but also notifications that failed before being sent.

  • ONE-55099: Data Observability schema check now works on the ONE Data source.

  • ONE-54940: Fixed the issue where DQ firewall kept deleted cache files open.

  • ONE-54720: Displaying catalog items on the monitoring projects Report tab now works as expected.

  • ONE-54668: The rule search available when applying DQ checks to catalog items in monitoring projects now works as expected.

  • ONE-54663, ONE-56800: Fixed the issues with the filter on the monitoring projects Report tab > Detailed Results. The filter can now search by and display the dimensions even if the list of results is sorted using the Group by Rules option.

  • ONE-54444: Schema changes in Data Observability are now detected even when all schemas are selected.

  • ONE-54427: Fixed issues with Import and Export feature in ONE: exported rules now contain variables, and import of DQ dimensions now works as expected.

  • ONE-54296: When the Slack plugin is turned off or not configured, this information is now shown in the application UI.

  • ONE-54173: Fixed the issue where freshness checks were failing on the BigQuery source.

  • ONE-54170: Optimized performance of bulk notifications for a large number of users.

  • ONE-54160: Fixed the issue where DQ evaluation did not start for certain file types or sources when running Full Profile & DQ Evaluation.

  • ONE-54156: Fixed the issue where DQ evaluation was failing after deleting an attribute with a DQ rule attached.

  • ONE-54134: In Data Observability, the anomaly detection model in profiling now correctly reflects changes in global profiling configuration.

  • ONE-54093: The Description field in DQ firewalls is now of the Rich Text Field data type.

  • ONE-53921: Post-processing plans are now correctly imported in monitoring project imports.

  • ONE-53891: Fixed the issue where freshness was not working because of missing freshness properties in Data Processing Engine (DPE) etc/

  • ONE-53773: Fixed the issue where it was not possible to set notification threshold as 100% in monitoring project notifications.

  • ONE-53633: Reconciliation projects can now run metadata import only on selected assets (sources, locations, catalog items).

  • ONE-53623: The notification migration script no longer causes duplicate entries in personReference in MMM database.

  • ONE-53518: Fixed performance issue with slow loading of catalog items with rich anomaly history.

  • ONE-53507: Fixed the issue with DQ firewall Test Rule option not working for component rules with lookup in MinIO.

  • ONE-53450: Fixed the issue with DQ rule preview in Data Catalog, where variables were displayed with variable validation error.

  • ONE-53293: Improved aggregation rules: grouping by float attributes now produces correct results.

  • ONE-53070: Corrected the missing os value in the uri property in MS Teams notification templates.

  • ONE-52809, ONE-52294: Fixed issue with slow listing of business terms.

  • ONE-52738: Catalog items imported into monitoring projects and subsequently deleted are no longer visible in reports.

  • ONE-52715: It is now possible to confirm the Number of records anomaly.

  • ONE-52633: In reconciliation projects, fixed the issue with the Continue option becoming unavailable after adding a source or target.

  • ONE-51980: When a term is added to multiple DQ evaluation rules, the validity percentage is now displayed for all rules after running DQ evaluation.

  • ONE-51865: When setting up In app and Email notifications in monitoring projects, it is now possible to add a second recipient by selecting from the search results.

  • ONE-51757: Post-processing plan output now keeps the order of rule attributes.

  • ONE-51707: Fixed the issue where after deleting a DQ dimension you were not redirected to the DQ dimensions settings screen.

  • ONE-51399: Fixed the issue where a SchemaCheck job on a connection without default credentials fails.

  • ONE-51359: Fixed the issue with unwanted notifications and invisible legacy recipients in monitoring projects notifications.

  • ONE-51162: Monitoring project validation no longer fails after you try to delete a catalog item attribute referenced by a monitoring project filter.

  • ONE-50812: GetObservabilityIssues query is no longer slow on large datasets.

  • ONE-50615: Improved GraphQL response on performance data for SourceObservabilityOverview/ConnectionObservabilityOverview.

  • ONE-50513: Catalog item DQ evaluation: switching to historic processing now works as expected.

  • ONE-49716: Fixed the issue where DQ rules on monitoring projects disappear after new attributes in VCI are added or removed.

  • ONE-49522: Fixed issues where anomaly detection was creating false alerts because of anomalies on some non-monitored attributes, and where the same alerts were created repeatedly despite selecting Dismiss anomaly.

Data Stories

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  • ONE-55774: Improved Keycloak compatibility by removing the internal unique email constraint check.

  • ONE-50914: Fixed credentials parsing for Snowflake for specific character combinations.

  • ONE-52474, ONE-53361, ONE-53755: Fixed incorrect pagination and filtering on the visualization collections screen.

  • ONE-51258: Fixed chart behavior for empty datasets.

  • ONE-51284, ONE-53616, ONE-53617: Fixed slide handling for stories.

  • ONE-53280: Closing the side menu no longer breaks the interactive area.

  • ONE-52359: Fixed broken dropzone interaction for three or more dimensions.

  • ONE-53501: Saving a dashboard no longer fails after deleting a widget.

  • ONE-51243: Fixed creation of visualizations and sections from history.

  • ONE-53686: Global filters sidebar now shows the attribute field for the preselected source.

  • ONE-53690: Fixed range operation in global filters.

  • ONE-53841: The In last filter now creates the correct filter definition.

  • ONE-53679: Global filters can be reapplied after switching the operation type.

  • ONE-53883: Date extraction now clears when removed.

  • ONE-54087: Save on conflict respects the report type.

  • ONE-54431: Gauge chart’s Target to reach value is now fixed.

  • ONE-54794: Fixed ordering of collections in the report builder.

  • ONE-55839: Pivot table respects the ordering of dimensions.

  • ONE-55970: Attempting to save a report with a visualization from a recently removed collection now fails gracefully.

  • ONE-55954: Presenter mode no longer allows global filter customization.


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  • ONE-55094, ONE-57610, ONE-57260: Several issues with MDM custom permissions settings were resolved.

  • ONE-56206: MDM matching now works as expected.

  • ONE-53497: No more risk of records being duplicated during MDM recovery after crash.

  • ONE-56109: The MDM server no longer fails on transactions due to duplicate record conflicts.

  • ONE-55785: Editing related records on master and instance layers now works as expected.

  • ONE-54871: A significant performance slowdown issue was fixed. A possibility to define custom work memory and random page cost parameters for PostgreSQL databases was added.

  • ONE-54349: The issue of record duplicity in MDM on Oracle was fixed.

  • ONE-53458: Editing virtual instances records in the MDM Web App now works as expected.

  • ONE-51208: MDM Web App elements misplacement and overflow was fixed.

  • ONE-51338, ONE-51222: MDM processing no longer occasionally fails.

  • ONE-51799: MDM task description is now displayed as expected.

  • ONE-51922: MDM Server permissions issue was fixed.

  • ONE-53683: Virtual instance records detail is now displayed as expected in the MDM Web App.

  • ONE-50802: The MDM server now functions more efficiently, preventing the exhaustion of connections when events are not processed.

  • ONE-52236: Automatic tasks can be created as expected on instance entities.

  • ONE-53504: Actuator liveness, readiness, and startup probe attributes are now configurable and can be tuned in cloud deployments.

  • ONE-53822, ONE-52690: High Availability configuration was improved.

  • ONE-54032: MDM server starts as expected when using workflows.

  • ONE-54540: MDM Web App split and merge operations now correctly use the user-selected grouping column.

  • ONE-56735: Fixed the issue with listing of records being slow or stopping with an error.

  • ONE-55459: The ataccama.authentication.http.acl.endpoints application property now works properly for the MDM Admin Center.


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  • ONE-51716: The issue preventing RDM Web App from starting has been resolved.

  • ONE-55303: When using MS SQL Server as its database, RDM Web App no longer freezes after logging in.

  • ONE-54597: Publishing no longer fails when publishing a large number of records using the web app.

  • ONE-54183: Entity column permissions keep the correct values after synchronizing the permissions cache.

  • ONE-56440: Data sets respect the order of the records in the web app.

  • ONE-51518: RDM Tables Importer step works as expected.

  • ONE-51903: Users with view-only permissions on a table no longer have access to the Restore action.

  • ONE-51029: Publishing no longer fails if there are invalid XML characters in the input data.

  • ONE-31608: Creating new records using Split rows works as expected.

  • ONE-54312: Permissions are correctly applied to fields of DATE and DATETIME type; such fields are no longer shown as editable to users with view-only permissions.

  • ONE-53816: When working with tables that have custom workflows defined (specifically, those involving multiple steps or conditions), users can now proceed to the next step as expected (previously, edit permissions were required on all fields with reported issues).

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