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Welcome to ONE Data

ONE Data allows you to build trustworthy and governed data products that can be easily used by cross-functional teams, regardless of their level of technical expertise. In addition, ONE Data lets you leverage other ONE features, such as data processing and DQ evaluation capabilities, collaboration and reporting options, and more.

ONE Data overview

With ONE Data you can:

  • Create, configure, and maintain reference data.

    • Use the data already in your Data Catalog as your source, import external files, or create a table from scratch.

    • Enhance the imported reference data: add new attributes or fill in the missing information.

    • Once your reference data is set up, use it to build DQ evaluation and detection rules or create a data story to visualize the data you’re working with, all within the same platform.

  • Remediate and fix errors in data directly from ONE.

    • Monitor the quality of your data to identify issues without delay.

    • If an issue is detected, import data to ONE Data to edit it on the spot or delegate the task to a coworker.

    • Once you’re happy with the state of your data, you can share it across your organization or provision it downstream to selected data sources.

To get started, check these resources:

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