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MS Teams Integration

Ataccama ONE can be integrated with MS Teams. This means you can receive notifications related to datasets observed in ONE directly to a selected channel.

Add incoming webhook to MS Teams channel

To add an incoming webhook for the selected channel:

  1. In MS Teams, select the channel in which you would like to receive notifications and expand the three dots menu.

  2. Select Connectors.

  3. Locate Incoming Webhook and select Configure.

  4. Provide a name, image (optional), and select Create.

  5. The webhook URL is generated. Copy this to clipboard or save it for later, as you need to provide this URL in ONE.

  6. Select Done.

    The webhook is now visible when you select Configured in your list of connectors. From here you can edit the settings later if needed.


Select MS Teams channel in ONE

To select the MS Teams channel in ONE:

  1. When enabling MS Teams notifications in ONE, provide the webhook URL of the channel.

  2. (Optional) Send test notification.

  3. Save the changes.

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