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MDM 14.5.2 Upgrade Notes


Matching issue

Applies to production environments. Follow these steps to ensure the data is matched correctly.

We recommend performing this during the version change to avoid additional downtime.

Before the patch deployment:

  1. Define the reprocess operation within a valid plan, see Batch Interface, section Reprocess operation.

  2. As the input for the reprocess operation, add all instance records with eng_creation_date on or after the date of the version 14.5.1 or 14.5.2 deployment.

    If your MDM solution relies on the rematch flag set in the matching plan and/or has special conditions set using rematchIfChanges, you need to extend the range of records to reprocess accordingly. Identifying such records might be complex and require analyzing the data history.
  3. Make sure the rematch flag in the reprocessing plan is set to true.

After the patch deployment, run the operation. The data is now matched correctly.

All manual exceptions applied to reprocessed records will be removed.

Configuration changelog

Applies to version 14.5.2-patch2 and later.

This section provides the information about the changes in the configuration files that need to be taken into account when upgrading the solution. In certain cases, the newly introduced default is used or some configuration is required.

The following table lists the configuration files that were added, changed, or removed.

Added files Changed files Removed files


MDM Server


The following table lists the changes in the files: added, changed, and removed properties.

Configuration file Added properties Changed properties Removed properties

MDM Server

Rate limiter configuration for MDM REST APIs:

  • ataccama.server.ratelimiter.enabled

  • ataccama.server.ratelimiter.http.<limiter>.urls

  • resilience4j.ratelimiter.instances.<RateLimiterName>.limit-for-period

  • resilience4j.ratelimiter.instances.<RateLimiterName>.limit-refresh-period

  • resilience4j.ratelimiter.instances.<RateLimiterName>.timeout-duration

  • resilience4j.ratelimiter.instances.<RateLimiterName>.register-health-indicator



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