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Defining Load Parameters

To define optional load parameters, use one of the following methods.

Via native SOAP service

Invokes a load operation with the given parameters. The request consists of the operation name and an optional list of operation parameters.

For example:

 <name>crm_in</name>   <!-- load operation name -->
 <parameters>          <!-- zero or more parameters -->
   <parameter name="checkPointName" value="someResumableLoad"/>

The service will return immediately, placing the operation into the task queue. The response consists of a single value, taskId, assigned to the task. The getTaskStatus service can be used to query the state of the task.

For more information, see Native Services.

Via workflow task

For configuration, see MDM Workflow Tasks.

Via command line

To start an MDM engine operation, the script using the OnlineCtl utility can be used:

"%DQC_HOME%\bin\onlinectl.bat" -config ..\etc\default.serverConfig startMdcOperation {typeId}

The parameter {typeId} consists of <type of operation>.<name of operation>. Available types are:

  • batchLoad

  • batchExport

  • multiload - consists of batchLoad operations concatenated by the plus sign. For example:

    startMdcOperation batchLoad.crm_initial checkPointName=someResumableLoad

For more information, see OnlineCtl, section OnlineCtl Commands.

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