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MDM 15.2.0 Upgrade Notes

Security improvements

Applies to self-managed deployments. We changed the authentication configuration for notifications. After the upgrade, add the following configuration settings to the MDM Web App file.

Notification configuration example <><mdm-server.jwt-key.fingerprint><mdm-server.jwt-key.content | b64encode>
The property values should correspond to ataccama.authentication.internal.jwt.generator.key (see MDM Server Application Properties, section Service Private Key).

MDM configuration simplification

The following files are no longer defined in the nme-config.xml file (see MDM Engine Configuration File) and are used by default now:

  • nme-batch.gen.xml

  • nme-services.gen.xml

  • nme-executor.xml

  • nme-task.gen.xml

  • nme-stream.gen.xml

  • nme-security.xml

To define the necessary security roles and permissions, use the nme-security.xml file. See Security and Audit.

To disable security restrictions, use the empty nme-security.xml file:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>

History plugin refactoring issue

The history plugin (see History Plugin) has been refactored, and all settings are now managed in the MDM Server file. Due to the broken compatibility (see Ataccama 15.2.0 Release Notes, section Known Issues), the history plugin configuration defined in the nme-config.xml file is ignored in the current version. The issue will be resolved in 15.3.0.

To ensure the plugin is enabled, make sure the following properties are defined with the specified values in the file:
If you skip this step, no new historical data will be saved until the properties are defined in the file.

To change the default configuration, add the relevant properties to the file and specify the values. To know more, see MDM Server Application Properties, section History plugin configuration.

To disable the history plugin, add the property with an empty value:
It is not possible to disable the history plugin using the checkbox in ONE. The MDM Server fails to start with the empty nme-history.gen.xml file.

Configuration changelog

This section provides the information about the changes in the configuration files that need to be taken into account when upgrading the solution. In certain cases, the newly introduced default is used or some configuration is required.

The following table lists the configuration files that were added, changed, or removed.

Added files Changed files Removed files


  • MDM Server

  • nme-config.xml


The following sections list the changes in the files: added, changed, and removed properties.

MDM Web App

Added properties

  • Notification configuration (see Security improvements) <><mdm-server.jwt-key.fingerprint><mdm-server.jwt-key.content \| b64encode>

MDM Server

Added properties

  • History plugin configuration (see History plugin refactoring issue)


Removed properties

  • History plugin configuration (see History plugin refactoring issue)

    The following properties in the history plugin configuration will be ignored in the current version.

    <plugin class="com.ataccama.nme.history.NmeHistoryPlugin">
        <persistenceLayer class="com.ataccama.nme.persistence.vldb.VldbPersistenceFactory">
  • Files definition (see MDM configuration simplification)


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