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MDM Web Application Reference

This section provides a detailed description of configuration files for MDM Web App.

MDM Web App has several key areas that need to be configured. All configuration files mentioned here or in related articles are located in the build and can be renamed as needed.

  • MDM Server application properties - The main configuration file is the MDM Server application properties file. It contains references to other configuration files (namely mda-config.xml), authentication settings, and other MDM settings.

  • MDM Web App configuration file - The main configuration file is Files/etc/mda-config.xml. It contains references to other configuration files, search and other settings. See MDM Web App Backend.

  • MDM Web App application properties - The mdm\etc\ file is where the following parameters are defined: the server port, authentication properties, logging, and monitoring endpoints. See MDM Web App Application Properties.

  • Workflows and permissions - Workflows are configured in a generated Files/etc/mda-permissions.xml file, which contains the definition of roles. See MDM Web App Permissions.

  • Validations - Validations are configured in the the Files/etc/mda-validations.gen.xml file, which contains the mappings of explanation codes to the MDM master data entity or column.

    Additionally, Files/etc/ in mda-validations.xml is used to translate technical explanation codes to human-readable messages. See MDM Web App Validations.

  • Runtime configuration - The runtime configuration defines the available resources such as database and JMS connections. The default file is Files/etc/mdm.runtimeConfig in the MDM project. See MDM Web App Runtime Configuration.

For MDM Web App to work as intended, the MDM server must also be configured. For more information, see MDM Configuration.

For instructions about how to use MDM Web App, see the section MDM Web Application in the documentation.

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