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MDM 14.2.0 Upgrade Notes

Migration of drafts and issues to tasks

You can now migrate drafts and issues from the previous versions and continue working on them. The active drafts migration is done automatically as part of the upgrade procedure, while history drafts and issues can be migrated manually.


To migrate drafts, choose your migration path depending on which drafts you want to migrate.

  • Migrate only active drafts: This is done automatically during the standard upgrade procedure. If needed, this can be disabled by setting the runtime parameter nme.tasks.migration.apply-automatically to false.

    For details, see Runtime Parameters, section Other.

    If automated migration fails or your issues are not correctly mapped, migrate drafts using the REST API instead.

  • Migrate history drafts: If you want to migrate history drafts, use the REST API. To learn more, see REST API, section Draft migration. You can also use this option to migrate active tasks as well, in case you run into issues during the automated migration.


Data quality issues

Data quality issues can be migrated by creating tasks in bulk or using a load operation. Choose one of these options depending on how many issues you want to migrate:

  • Bulk tasks creation: Best suited for cases when you have a small number of issues to migrate.

    Create tasks manually in the new version based on the issues from the previous version. The quickest way to create multiple tasks at once is to filter the affected rows and create tasks for those cases. Keep in mind that the maximum number of created tasks is limited by the listing page size (the default setting is 100).

    To learn more about creating tasks, see Tasks Overview.

    If an issue has an active draft, the draft is migrated automatically. Migrating both the draft and the issue creates two separate tasks with the same records.

  • Tasks migration load (Advanced option): Use in case you have a large number of issues and creating tasks manually would be too time-consuming. Issues must be first read from the MDM database, transformed to conform to the new task structure, and loaded using a Task migration load operation. The related configuration needs to be first adjusted to fit your needs because the final transformation and which issues are selected for migration depends on the requirements and the specific project configuration.

    An example of a standard migration plan can be found in MDM - CDI Example: Files/engine/migration/migration_load_task.comp.

Matching proposal issues

You do not need to migrate these issues as all such issues can be accessed using the Matching proposals listing in the application.

In addition, migrating these issues would create manual matching tasks that are not connected to existing matching proposal tasks.

Matching proposals

To be able to access matching proposals in MDM Web App, you need to update Matching configuration. For details, see Configuring Matching Proposals.

Configuration changelog

This section provides the information about the changes in the configuration files that need to be taken into account when upgrading the solution. In certain cases, the newly introduced default is used or some configuration is required.

The following table lists the configuration files that were added, changed, or removed.

Added files Changed files Removed files



  • etc/mda-config.xml

Files generated by MDM model project are not listed here.


The following table lists the changes in the files: added, changed, and removed properties.

Configuration file Added properties Changed properties Removed properties

  • nme.checkPoint.restore.parallel - the default value is 4, for details see Runtime Parameters, section Performance

  • nme.tasks.migration.apply-automatically - the default value is true, for details see Runtime Parameters, section Other


  • nme.vldb.collector.separation.strategy

  • nme.vldb.collector.separation.timeout



  • all paths inside the mda-config.xml file are now relative to this file.


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