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Ataccama 13.8.0 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 13.6.0 of the entire Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. Release information affecting all modules in the platform can be found in the first part, whereas platform and module specific information can be found in the corresponding ONE, MDM, and RDM sections.

Release information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM

Release date



Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories


NLP Search is Deprecated

Starting from this version, the NLP search functionality delivered by the Translator, Autocomplete, and Spellchecker microservices, is no longer used. All the search use cases are now successfully covered by the Elasticsearch-powered full-text search, MMM-powered full-text search, and AQL (Ataccama Query Language). For more information about search, see Search.

Entities Lists are Filtered by State

The lists of entities are now split across three tabs according to the state of the entity:

Entity filters
  • The Published tab contains the list of entities in the approved (published) state. All published entities have no color highlight.

  • The Unpublished tab contains the list of entities in the draft state, including newly created, deleted, or changed entities. The current state of the entity is identified by the color highlight:

    • Green highlight – recently added item

    • Orange highlight – item with requested changes

    • Red highlight – item with removal request

  • All contains the list of entities in both published and draft states.

Import and Export

You can now easily move assets between different instances of ONE as long as they use compatible versions of the metadata model. This way, you can quickly export entities created in one environment and reuse them in another one, which is especially useful when upgrading.

You can export assets only if there is a corresponding export plan available. For more details, see [ROOT:import-and-export].

Change in DQ Catalog Results Storage

This version includes further changes in DQ storage. This change affects all APIs querying catalog DQ results, and in turn means that ONE Metadata Reader step can no longer be used to access DQ results from catalog. There are new APIs for catalog DQ results retrieval. A new component that can access DQ results and be used in place of ONE Metadata Reader is expected in 13.9.0.

Entity-Specific Permissions

In the previous versions of ONE it was not possible to limit the access rights of users to specific entities, e.g. sources, terms, rules. Since version 13.8 you can configure:

  • A team of users that cannot create new sources and can access only its own sources.

  • A team of users that can create new sources and view sources from all teams.

  • A team of users that cannot create new sources and can view sources from all teams.

Team permissions are handled through a role that is assigned to all relevant users. For more information on the configuration details for the use case, see user-access-management:configure-permissions-frequent-scenarios.adoc. You cannot create a team with permission to create new sources and view only its own sources.


New MDM Admin Center

The MDM Admin Center has been redesigned according to user feedback. Both the old and the new interface will be available concurrently for some time, before the old Admin Center is phased out. For more information, see MDM Web App Admin Center.

MDM Admin Center

AI Matching Persistence

AI Matching feature now holds data from user interaction and model training, even when the application is restarted or has crashed. Such canceled jobs will be automatically re-executed when the application is started again. For more information, see AI Matching Overview.

Kafka Streaming Improvements

MDM Kafka Streaming now supports Confluent Schema Registry. There is also support for not only string input format but also AVRO format. In addition, Kafka properties can be encrypted. See Configuring Stream Consumers.

Upgrade notes

To determine your upgrade path for version 13.8.0, see MDM Upgrade Procedure and MDM 13.8.0 Upgrade Notes.


Upgrade notes

There are no version specific upgrade notes for 13.8.0, to determine your upgrade path see RDM Upgrade Procedure.

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