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Ataccama 13.9.5 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 13.9.5 of the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform.

Release Information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM, ONE Data, Data Stories

Release date



Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories

Known Issues Resolved

  • ONE-32661: In ONE Desktop, successful attempts to log in through a web browser result in an error page.



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  • ONE-49816: Cannot assign rules in monitoring projects with multiple attributes due to UI limitations.

  • ONE-49543: Monitoring project results retention policy now functions correctly for custom export which do not produce standard export file link.

  • ONE-46238, ONE-46929: Percentages in sample profiling results are now correctly calculated and displayed in Frequency Analysis, Mask Analysis, Null percentage, and Top 3 values.

  • ONE-51510: Errors from Term Suggestions services no longer duplicated in logs.

  • ONE-48234: You can now enable buffering and counting of records in profiling.

  • ONE-47642: Field dpeLabel added to virtual catalog items, allowing you to route jobs to particular DPEs.

  • ONE-47185: Databricks REST API failures are now logged, including any attempted retries.

  • ONE-45195: Timestamp columns no longer imported as STRING when using the Metadata Reader step on embedded entities.

  • ONE-46124: DPM status checker no longer freezes when VPN reconnects.

  • ONE-41032: Partitioned tables from relational databases visible and available for processing in ONE.

  • ONE-47308: Introduced parameter, which excludes certain Databricks libraries from file synchronization between the ONE runtime engine and the libraries installed in Databricks.

  • ONE-44563: JDBC connect queries no longer block threads thanks to added timeout support.


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  • ONE-49972: Output interfaces with conditions now work as expected.

  • ONE-49555: Full profiling of MDM data source with 10M+ records no longer causes MDM Server to overload.

  • ONE-51842: Incorrect queries used when binding is turned off in VLDB persistence.

  • ONE-51174: Adding a filter in Copy columns from Child > Parent on the master layer no longer breaks validation in ONE Desktop.

  • ONE-52548: Deletion strategy is now correctly propagated to nme-stream.gen.xml.

  • ONE-50293: Compare view working when custom permissions are used.

  • ONE-50802: MDM no longer uses all connections when not processing events.

  • ONE-45954: It is now possible to create a draft even if the length of the active tab label has more than 128 characters.

  • ONE-47148: A custom action no longer fails if with a NullPointerException if an eng column is used.


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  • ONE-47617: Improved publishing when working with some versions of Oracle databases.

  • ONE-47047: Improved authorization in RDM Web Admin Center.

  • ONE-47151: Fixed the issue with RDM inputs not working after migrating from v12 to v13.

  • ONE-46631: Fixed the issue with RDM Web App freezing due to ongoing user synchronization in Keycloak.

ONE Runtime Server

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  • ONE-46888: When creating a Run DPM Job workflow task, you have the option to set a DPE label that is then matched against labels assigned to available DPEs. For more information, see Run DPM Job.

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