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MDM 13.7.0 Upgrade Notes

REST API configuration changes

Due to changes to the REST API, the nme-rest plugin needs to be removed from the nme-config.xml:

<plugin path="/nme-rest" listener="default" prettyPrint="true" security="nme-rest-security-keycloak.xml"/>

The new endpoint for REST API is /api/rest - the endpoint is hardcoded and no longer configurable, thus the upgrade is not backwards compatible.

Make sure all consumers use the new endpoint. To keep the old endpoints, you can set up a proxy to redirect to the new ones. See REST API for details.

OnlineCtl commands replaced by REST API calls

The functionality of MDM OnlineCtl commands (discontinued in 13.4) has been replaced by REST API interfaces.

The following example shows the difference between stopping a stream consumer using an OnlineCtl command and a REST call:

OnlineCtl (before 13.4) REST API (13.7 and later)

call "%DQC_HOME%\bin\onlinectl.bat" -config ..\etc\default.serverConfig stopMdcStreamConsumer <consumerName>

POST /api/rest/interfaces/streaming/consumers/<consumerName>/stop

For a full list of endpoints, see REST API.

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