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Tasks Overview

A task is a collection of changes made to one or several records. The functionality allows data stewards or data owners to assign a task to other team members. It also makes it possible to browse through the tasks and filter them.

When working on data, tasks are created automatically as part of the editing process. However, you can also create tasks as needed, either manually or automatically.

Editing data

Every time you begin editing a record, a new task is created automatically. Once you start editing, the taskbar appears, from which you can perform all actions needed to move the changes through the workflow steps, for example, get them published or reassigned.

Outside of the editing process, you can also manually create a task or automate the task creation.

To learn more about how you can access a task you created or were assigned to, see Accessing Tasks

To find out more about how to resolve issues in data and publish the changes or reassign the task, see the following topics:

Manual tasks

In this case, after you detect a data issue, you can create a task to provide more context about the issue. For example, describe what needs to be done to resolve the issue, define who the task should be assigned to, or link the affected records.

How you create a task, what information is required, and whether you can create tasks in bulk depends on the type of operation that should be performed. Task types that can be created manually are:

  • Record change

  • Manual match

  • Matching proposal

  • Create

  • Generic

To learn more about task types and manual task creation, see Manual Task Creation.

Automatic tasks

Automatic tasks are useful if you want to be able to automatically create tasks based on defined conditions after every data load and automatically close them once the data issues are fixed. Only record change tasks can be automatically created.

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