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Publishing Workflow

In the context of MDM Web App, a workflow is a process which starts with making changes to data and ends with resolving the task (publishing or discarding changes).


Any change that is made to data is automatically recorded to a task. Making a change and creating a task constitute the first step in any workflow, after which the set of changes is moved to the next step.

Finally, the set of changes is published or discarded. The actions you can perform on tasks in each step within the workflow and how tasks move between different steps depend on your permissions.

MDM provides a default workflow, but it can be configured differently if the project requires it.

Default workflows

The diagram represents the Consolidation workflow, which is the default workflow for editing data in the Consolidation hub. The circles represent workflow steps while the arrows represent transitions, that is, the ability to move the task between specific steps.

Keep in mind that only In Progress and Waiting for Approval steps are configurable.

Workflow schema

The default workflow for editing consolidated data follows this path: Published > In Progress > Waiting for Approval > Published. While the task is in progress (In Progress and Waiting for Approval), the editor can discard the task at any point.

For more information about publishing and discarding changes, see Resolving Tasks.

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