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MDM 13.2 Upgrade Notes

Keycloak upgrade

Starting from version 13.2.0, MDM is using Keycloak 13.0.1 instead of 12.0.4. This means a new Keycloak version has to be downloaded and installed (see Upgrade Guide, section Upgrading Keycloak) and the Ataccama theme and the ataccamaone realm have to be updated as described in this article.

Upgrade theme

The Ataccama theme has been upgraded to 13.1.0 version.

  1. Download the archive.

  2. Extract the content of the archive to the opt/keycloak/keycloak-13.0.1/themes/ataccamaone/.

Upgrade ataccamaone realm

There have been multiple changes done between 13.1.0 and 13.2.0 version of the ataccamaone realm.

Partial import

Perform a partial import to the already loaded ataccamaone realm. This option is only for cases when you can be sure that no changes were made to the Keycloak clients definitions.

  1. Open the Keycloak Admin Console.

  2. Select the ataccamaone realm.

  3. Download the exported ataccamaone-13_2_0.json with changes.

  4. From the left navigation tab, select Manage > Import.

  5. Change the redirect URIs to correspond to the actual URL values.

  6. Choose the file with changed values.

  7. Set the following options:

    • Import users: OFF.

    • Import clients: ON.

    • Import realm roles: OFF.

    • If resource exists: Overwrite.

  8. Select Import.

Manual update

Update the clients parameters manually. This option is for deployments when you do not know if some client configurations has been changed (or you know for sure that it has been changed).

  1. Open the Keycloak Admin Console.

  2. Select the attaccamaone realm.

  3. Download the ataccamaone_partial_upgrade-13_2_0_WITH_WEBORIGINS.json with client changes and additions.

  4. Navigate to Configure > Clients.

  5. Select Create.

  6. On the Add Client screen, create one-desktop-browser-client client based on the settings retrieved from ataccamaone_partial_upgrade-13_2_0_WITH_WEBORIGINS.json file.

  7. Update all other clients from the downloaded file with webOrigins and redirectUris.

    The full list of clients that have to be updated:

    • mdm-token-client

    • mdm-webapp-public-client

    • dqit-steps-token-client

    • dqit-webapp-token-client

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