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MDM 13.4.0 Upgrade Notes

MDM Server upgrade template

Starting from version 13.4, the MDM solution is using the MDM Server assembly instead of the Ataccama Runtime Server. See Ataccama 13.4.0 Release Notes and MDM Configuration for details.

Note that version 13.4.0 should be used for new MDM projects only. To upgrade ongoing projects, we advise waiting for the more stable version 13.6.0.

An upgrade template is provided to help you migrate projects to version 13.4.0 and make the necessary changes to the configuration files as required by the new MDM Server architecture.

Use the upgrade template as described in the MDM Upgrade Procedure.

If you are migrating multiple environments, we recommend moving all the .runtimeConfig and .serverConfig files into the Files/etc project folder to be processed by the upgrade script.

Settings affected by the upgrade are extracted from the configuration files and stored in the Files/etc/ subfolder.

ap files

Each .ap file lists both the old XML configuration (for reference) and the new properties that have to be manually copied into the MDM Server Application Properties file located in the MDM Server folder.

Old server scripts are preserved in the Files/bin subfolder with the obsolete prefix so that custom runtime parameters can be copied into the new start-mdm-server script.

DATE to DAY datatype change

DATE datatype is now used instead of DAY, that is, dates are now stored in a different format than in previous versions.

This can cause matching issues if a record has a column of DATE type (previously DAY) that is used in the matching key rule as a component.

In this case, you need to reprocess all such records to update the matching keys.

Reprocessing is not needed if:

  • A DATE column is used directly in a matching rule as test or expression.

  • A column has DATETIME type.

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