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Amazon SQS Connection

Leverage the connection with Amazon SQS in MDM streaming and the Writer Step through the existing JMS functionality JMSWriter.

To configure the connection to SQS, download the jar files and create a new JMS server resource in mdm.runtimeConfig.xml with the following values:

Specify AWS credentials (accessKey, secretKey) in order to authenticate with AWS Access Key. In case you select AWS Instance IAM Role, you do not need to specify AWS credentials.
Parameter Value




Any value (used only for validation purposes).


Type of credentials (AWS Access Key, AWS Instance IAM Role).


AWS access key ID.


AWS secret access key.


Name of AWS region, for example, us-east-2.

The connecting user requires the following permissions in AWS:

  • SQS:GetQueueUrl

  • SQS:ChangeMessageVisibility

  • SQS:DeleteMessage

  • SQS:ReceiveMessage

  • SQS:SendMessage (for writing)

The following shows an example configuration:

<jmsConnection connectionFactory="QueueConnectionFactory" name="sqs">
        <contextParam name="java.naming.factory.initial" value="com.ataccama.dqc.jms.sqs.SQSInitialContextFactory"/>
        <contextParam name="java.naming.provider.url" value="just-some-url"/>
        <!-- authType="AWS_ACCESS_KEY" -->
        <!-- authType="AWS_INSTANCE_IAM" -->
        <contextParam name="accessKey" value="SOMEaccessKeyVLGJK5W"/>
        <contextParam name="secretKey" value="SOMEsecretKeyCGX5MmAcYf1pRZWyXRtpp67"/>
        <contextParam name="region" value="us-east-2"/>
        <contextParam name="queue.mdm-test" value="mdm-test"/>

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