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Configuring Enrichments and Autocorrects

You can configure value suggestions that are visible in the application when a new record is created or when changes are made to an existing record. Currently, two types of configurable suggestions are available:

  • Autocorrects - Suggestions of a correct value for a single field that a user adds or edits.

    You can specify an expression or a plan that will be used to make suggestions that are displayed to users.

    Expression-based autocorrects only provide a single value while plan-based autocorrects can provide multiple suggestions. We recommend using the expression provider for simple transformations (for example, to capitalize the first letters in names).

  • Enrichments - Suggestions of correct values for one or more fields, based on more complex logic that needs to be previously configured.

    This service allows you to automatically populate multiple fields at the same time (for example, city, street, state). You can configure which fields can be populated by the same enrichment service and which services do not affect each other.

    Enrichments can only be plan-based. To specify the level of certainty associated with a specific enrichment suggestion, we recommend providing an expression for calculating confidence score for every enrichment.

Configuring autocorrects and enrichments consists of the following steps:

  1. Defining autocorrects and enrichments in the GUI Configuration, on the Enrichments and Autocorrects tab.

  2. Configuring plans if used.

  3. Mapping autocorrects and enrichments to specific entities and columns in the logical model.

You need edit and override permissions for a specific column to see autocorrect and enrichment suggestions available for it.

To learn how to configure enrichments and autocorrects, see the following topics:

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