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Server Configuration for MDM Web App

To run MDM Web App, the following components need to be defined in the MDM Server Application Properties and in the runtime server configuration file. The components described in this topic are presented in the order of dependency.

The MDM server file is located in the etc folder of the MDM server assembly.

The runtime server configuration file mdm.serverConfig for the MDM Engine is located in the Files > etc project folder.

MDM Web App backend

The MDM Web App configuration file is linked in MDM Server in the property. For more details, see MDM Server Application Properties.

Reference to MDM Web App backend in the MDM Server application properties

JMS Provider Component

The component maps JMS resources defined in the Runtime Configuration for further use in the Runtime Server.

For detailed information, see JMS Provider Component.

JMS Provider Component in MDM Engine server configuration
<component class="com.ataccama.dqc.jms.JmsProviderComponent">
The default runtime configuration file mdm.runtimeConfig for the MDM Engine is generated with the General MDM model project into the Files > etc project folder.

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