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Data Sources Connection

MDM database connections can be defined in one of the following ways:

  1. All data sources are defined in MDM Server Application Properties.

  2. Infrastractural data sources are defined in MDM Web App Application Properties and project-specific data sources are defined in mdmRuntime.config.

    This is the recommended setup for deployments where the project team does not have access to Note that when using both configuration files, each connection must be defined only once.

  3. All data sources are defined in mdmRuntime.config. This option is not recommended and is provided for backward compatibility only.

All options support password encryption (see Encrypt Passwords).

If you are upgrading to version 14, an upgrade template is provided. See MDM 14.1.0 Upgrade Notes.

Data sources in application properties

Defining the data sources in MDM Server Application Properties has the following advantages and drawbacks:

  • Reconnection timeout and interval can be configured.

  • This solution is using Hikari database pool, which means additional Spring configuration parameters are supported.

  • The legacy Admin Center SQL monitoring is not available (for more information about the legacy Admin Center, see MDM Admin Center Extras).

MDM Server example



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