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Online Services Component

The Online Services component is responsible for initializing and deploying all services which should be available for online requests. The configuration expects the path to the file system folders that contain all necessary configuration files.

A list of your online services is available on the Applications tab under the Server section in ONE Runtime Server Admin.

To enable the component, add the following definition to the server configuration:

    <component listeners="all" disabled="false" class="">
Property Value Required Description




Specifies the applicable listeners.




Path to the folder that contains services configuration files. The path can be either relative or absolute.

All *.online files from the configuration folder are processed and the defined services started.

If your service updates or produces any files that are stored in versioned folders (including log files), it directly modifies the temporary copy of the file somewhere in the temporary folder. At the moment when the server is stopped or the configuration is changed and the service is restarted, all such changes are lost because temporary folders and their contents are deleted.

Therefore, we do not recommended producing any outputs to or modifying files in versioned folders. Versioned folders are useful for changes that are done outside the running server.

In order to be able to change some configuration files without having to stop or restart the online server, all files and directories located in folders specified in the versionedFolders section of the Versioned File System Component are copied into the temporary file system, and the server reads and/or locks them in the temporary file system. This enables modifying the files in the original configuration folder.

For example, you can change some lookup files without it immediately affecting the running server. When you finish making the changes, you can apply them at once using the refresh command in the OnlineCtl command line tool or by using the /admin/refreshCfg page.

The Online Service component has an optional parameter listeners that contains a comma-separated list of the HTTP listeners' names, to which all the service handlers should be registered. If the attribute is missing, all services are deployed on all listeners.

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