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Ataccama 13.7.1 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 13.7.1 of the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. The 13.7.1 release is backward compatible with version 13.7.0 (no upgrade required) and it brings performance fixes.

Release Information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM

Release Date



Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories

Known Issues

These issues could impact the functionality of your build; make sure to check them before proceeding with the upgrade.
Module Issue To be resolved in


ONE-31486: Profiling from Snowflake connections does not work after upgrade.

To fix the issue in the current version, execute the following SQL command on the MMM database:

update connection_q set "pushdownProfilingEnabled_s" = false where type_i = mmm_get_type_id('jdbcSnowflakeConnection') and "pushdownProfilingEnabled_s" is null;



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  • ONE-30599: Attribute path not provided on the Data Quality tab when viewing glossary term details.

  • ONE-30502: An error occurs during DQ storage migration when upgrading from v13.4.0 to v13.6.0.

  • ONE-30514: Upgrading from v13.4.0 to v13.6.0 sometimes leads to issues when defining rule logic using user-friendly expressions.

  • ONE-30551: In post-processing exports some validity rules are labeled as both valid and invalid.

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