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Ataccama 13.9.4 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 13.9.4 of the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. The release is backward compatible with version 13.9.0 (no upgrade required) and it brings usability and other fixes.

Release Information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM

Release date



Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories

Known Issues

This section lists issues we are currently aware of which are considered significant, and which could impact the functionality of your build. It is highly recommended to review the Known Issues section before every upgrade.
Module Issue To be resolved in


ONE-43673: Although the data type for external entity label is expression, it is not evaluated and is shown in the MDM Web App as a string.


Platform Changes

Java 17 Upgrade

ONE components are now shipped with and support Java 17 where applicable. All servers running ONE components need to be upgraded to Java 17 when upgrading self-managed, on-premise deployments to version 13.9.4.


  • ONE-29882: In MDM, a streaming consumer no longer retains the last known state after build failures.

  • ONE-27867: In MDM, data statistics are no longer corrupted by a purge operation.

  • ONE-44522: In PostgreSQL-based MDM solutions, a performance slowdown due to incorrect indexes no longer occurs.

  • ONE-41253: In MDM, accessing a published draft no longer fails.

  • ONE-32081: Entity label is now shown for External entities as expected.

  • ONE-41561: In MDM, if two merged records are created in parallel in two REST API calls, new record identifier value is stored as expected in the database.

  • ONE-43302: DQ rule with more than 10 inputs now displayed correctly in configuration.

  • ONE-44780: When using DQ rules with more than 10 inputs, invalid samples in monitoring project now correctly show all attributes with invalid records.

  • ONE-44628: Correct source now referenced after monitoring project import.

  • ONE-41803, ONE-43081: User interface changed to account for limitations of 13.9.x rule debug (only VALID and INVALID results are tied to pass and fail so all other results, for example, UNIQUE, would display in red when testing rule).

  • ONE-42657, ONE-42704: No more rule input duplication after import of terms from Term with dependencies export.

  • ONE-42646: All available files now visible in the Export tab of a monitoring project.

  • ONE-41816: Lookups now uploaded to DPE when used in aggregation rules so DQ evaluation no longer fails.

  • ONE-41198: Detection rules with variables working correctly.

  • ONE-41047: Dimension result order now mandatory.

  • ONE-40650: AssertFailure warning no longer showing after wrong data type entered in component or aggregation rule debug.

  • ONE-44940: Monitoring project notifications can be assigned to specific users.

  • ONE-35842: Fixed the issue with anomaly detection failing intermittently.

  • ONE-38066: Text color fixed in catalog item name tooltip.

  • ONE-44517: Fixed listing screens with an applied AQL filter getting broken under some conditions.

  • ONE-44418: Fixed some custom listing screens losing content.

  • ONE-40487: Fixed a bug in which adding a referenced object property to the term entity causes an AssertFailure error.

  • ONE-42060: Fixed the issue where profiling Big Query catalog items failed if the encrypted file driver property was set.

  • ONE-43256: Fixed the issue with monitoring project failing if running on multiple Databricks catalog items.

  • ONE-40251: DPE no longer occasionally fails to reconnect to DPM when firewall-friendly communication mode is enabled.

  • ONE-45023: Fixed the issue with the number of open files constantly growing in DPE.

  • ONE-43987: Fixed the issue with duplicate attributes when creating a catalog item using an SQL query.

  • ONE-41788: Creating a virtual catalog item no longer fails when working with a large number of attributes.

  • ONE-42999: Improved support for DATE data type during database synchronization in RDM.

  • ONE-40719: RDM supports configuring multiple email notifications.

  • ONE-34372: RDM relationships can be imported to ONE through DPE.

  • ONE-28036: When editing a child table in RDM, the internal primary key of the parent table is correctly set.

  • ONE-23274: Comments can be added to a dataset without causing issues with displaying the records in RDM.

  • ONE-16403: In RDM, float attributes allow using any number of decimal places.

  • ONE-43389: When editing imported records in RDM, selecting records in MNREFERENCES dialog now works as expected.

  • ONE-40747: Online service with Enrich function no longer throws an error in the RDM webapp during record creation.

  • ONE-40766: Improved how buttons are displayed in RDM Admin Console when long description are provided for configurations.

  • ONE-44876: Indexing issues in DQIT no longer slows down the application startup.

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