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Ataccama 13.9.1 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 13.9.1 of the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. The release is backward compatible with version 13.9.0 (no upgrade required) and it brings usability and other fixes.

Release Information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM

Release date



Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories

Known Issues

This section lists issues we are currently aware of which are considered significant, and which could impact the functionality of your build. It is highly recommended to review the Known Issues section before every upgrade.
Module Issue To be resolved in


ONE-36681: Load operation fails when enforceFormat is set to true in the Integration Output step.



ONE-44522: In PostgreSQL-based MDM solutions, a performance slowdown is possible, which might affect draft publish speed.



ONE-37958: In ONE, the Approval Requests screen becomes inaccessible if an embedded entity property (Single Embedded Entity or Array Embedded Entity) is removed from an entity while an instance of that entity is waiting for approval.


ONE Desktop

New index files have been added to some address identifiers. As a result, users of Exact Address Identifier, Address Identifier CZ, and Address Identifier SK components must rebuild the underlying address dictionary.


  • ONE-34896: In DPM Admin Console, sorting engines by name now works as expected.

  • ONE-33809: During high-load operations, the Prometheus endpoint of DPE no longer incorrectly reports the number of running jobs.

  • ONE-33807: DPE no longer incorrectly logs SQLException errors.

  • ONE-33748: DPM now periodically removes stored information about inactive or deleted DPE instances.

  • ONE-33538: Pushdown profiling does not run on engines unless explicitly set in DPE constraints.

  • ONE-33704: If MANTA is enabled but cannot be reached, DPE now behaves as expected and shuts down all relevant processes.

  • ONE-33342: When running multiple DPE instances on a single machine, the engine that attempts to connect to the port already in use by another DPE now shuts down as expected.

  • ONE-35189: Fixed the issue with component rules not supporting more than 10 inputs.

  • ONE-35192: Advanced Settings option in Monitoring Projects is now grayed out for read-only users.

  • ONE-35213: Fixed the issue with the limit field in DQ Monitoring Project Check Results step.

  • ONE-35062: The Group By section is no longer duplicated on the Rules Debug tab.

  • ONE-34694: The project Report page now correctly shows changes in the number of valid and invalid records.

  • ONE-34691: Fixed the issue with monitoring projects not showing latest results.

  • ONE-34593: Fixed the issue with mask results not being available for use in rule.

  • ONE-34429: User and group names are no longer truncated in the Notifications listing.

  • ONE-34339: Fixed the issue with monitoring project notifications not being sent to recipients in the application.

  • ONE-33660: The Anomaly inspector now correctly displays the number of missing points.

  • ONE-33633: You can now delete data sources even if some catalog items are used in projects.

  • ONE-33599: Fixed the issue where the percentage change in validity is being calculated even when no results previously existed.

  • ONE-33460: Fixed the issue with the time series analysis not working when periodicity is set to 1.

  • ONE-23290: An error is now shown when using special characters in the input attribute name.

  • ONE-33234: Monitoring projects scheduled at midnight are no longer incorrectly run multiple times.

  • ONE-33099: Fixed the issue with aggregation rules with variables causing the monitoring project to fail.

  • ONE-32917: Import project configuration validation now works as expected.

  • ONE-32916: Fixed the issue with GraphQL listing failing for catalogItemGroup filter.

  • ONE-32809: Fixed the issue with the missing boundary trait in monitoring projects.

  • ONE-32745: Improved the warning message displayed when a monitoring project fails after a rule instance is updated or deleted.

  • ONE-32677: Fixed the issue with missing history version for deleted catalog items with a post-processing plan.

  • ONE-32528: Term DQ evaluation now works on SQL catalog items.

  • ONE-32422: Anomaly detection now follows the partition settings.

  • ONE-32395: A warning message no longer appears when checking history after a variable was deleted from a rule.

  • ONE-32348: Fixed the issue with showing 'duplicated' label on timestamps instead of 'ignored'.

  • ONE-32161: Fixed the issue with DQ rule logic is not equal to not working when one of the input attributes is NULL.

  • ONE-31808: Importing a monitoring project no longer copies over the associated post-processing plan.

  • ONE-30586: Improved the layout of Invalid Samples filter checkbox.

  • ONE-23479: Fixed the issue with invalid samples occasionally not getting flagged with failed rule.

  • ONE-34746: Deleting catalog items now does not lead to an error stating that it cannot read NULL properties.

  • ONE-32068: Profiling now works correctly for catalog items and SQL catalog items from the Hadoop platform.

  • ONE-33792: Event handler now correctly processes several transactions run in parallel with conflict resolution in MDM.

  • ONE-34336: The change of column number in case of the transaction conflict no longer causes issues in MDM.

  • ONE-33815: The MDM Read step can now be used outside HTTP context (not in online service), for example, in the export plan.

  • ONE-33954: You can now export data from Oracle databases in RDM Webapp and correctly import it to PostgreSQL.

  • ONE-34558: Files exported from MDA now have the correct extension.

  • ONE-33988: Error in plan generation for external entities has been fixed in MDM.

  • ONE-34091: The enforceFormat attribute is now correctly generated to Integration Output steps.

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