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Publish Changes

Any changes to entities in ONE need to be published first. If publishing is not automatic, it is done via the review request workflow.

In previous versions, the review request workflow was called the approval workflow.

By default, publishing is only available for admins, owners of the node by stewardship, and users with Full access level rights on terms, policies, and catalog items. Other users can only create a new request for publishing changes on terms and policies, and publish changes right away on other entities.

This article describes the default review workflow based on the default configuration of access levels. For more information about how to configure a custom review request workflow and access management, see Workflows and User Access Management respectively.

Review workflow overview

Any changes made to an entity need to be approved by an admin or another user with Full access level. Depending on the configuration, changes can include the following:

  • Assigning a glossary term to a catalog item or a catalog item attribute.

  • Editing an entity, for example, a catalog item, attribute, glossary term, or rule.

  • Reviewing a finished documentation flow, regardless of whether new job tasks and flow actions have been created or not.

  • Creating a new glossary term.

  • Creating a new rule.

The change remains in the draft state until it is approved and published.

The review request workflow includes the following steps:

  1. A user makes a change and requests its review and publishing.

  2. A task for reviewing changes is created based on the request.

  3. The assignee of the review request task reviews the changes and either approves them or reassigns the task. Once approved, the changes are immediately published.

Request a review

You can request a review of changes in the following cases:

  • After you have created a new asset, for example, a new term. Until the asset is published, it is only visible to you and the groups and users with whom it’s shared.

    If you choose to delete your draft instead, changes are instantly deleted.

  • After you have made changes to an asset, you are prompted to view the published version, compare changes to the previous version, revert, or submit changes for review and publishing.

    If you choose to revert changes, the asset is instantly reverted to its previous version.

  • After you have selected to delete an already published asset, you can restore the published version or request its removal.


Compare changes

If you select View changes or proceed with Request to publish, the changes overview page opens, where you can:

  • See the list of jobs for each change and their status, for example, New (1).

    There are three types of statuses:

    • New (green): Used when requesting to publish a new asset.

    • Changed (yellow): Used when requesting to publish changes.

    • To delete (red): Used when requesting to delete the asset.

  • See the list of all changes made to the asset (2):

    • General information: Overview of the changes for the asset.

    • Published version: The currently published version to compare changes with.

    • Changed version: The changes that are submitted for review.

  • Select which types of changes you want to view (3):

    • All

    • Only different

    • Only same

    • Only added

    • Only removed

  • Submit the changes (Request review and publish) (4).

Request to publish changes

To submit a request for publishing your changes:

  1. Select Request to publish.

  2. In the request task form, provide the following:

    • Priority: Choose the priority of the review request task from Low, Medium, or High.

    • Description: The task description and any additional information. The admin or users with Full access level rights on the asset are then notified of the pending request.

  3. Select Submit.

While waiting for the request to be resolved, you can view the comments, see changes, view the publishing task, and cancel the request. For the latter two options, use the three dots menu in the review request ribbon.

In case you are responsible for the request review, you can also review and publish the changes.

Once your request is resolved, you receive a notification informing you of the outcome.

Approve a request

Only admins or users with Full access level rights can approve requests.

If you approve the requested changes, a new version of the asset is published.

If you reject the changes, the asset remains in the same draft version. To revert it to the previously published version, cancel the request.

In either case, the user who requested the change is notified about your decision.

To approve or reject a request:

  1. Navigate to the asset that needs reviewing or open the review request task from one of the following locations:

    • Open the asset under review and select Review and publish.

    • Go to Tasks and Workflows > Tasks and search for the request. Or, select View publishing task from the tasks overview.

      Filter by task type to see review request tasks only. For more information about filtering, see Tasks.
  2. To review the changes, select View all changes from the task card.

    Optionally, you can select View publishing task details and filter which information you want to view: All, Only different, Only same, Only added, Only removed.

    Or, if you are in the task detail view, select Approve or reject.

  3. Once you’re done, select Approve or Reject accordingly.


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