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Ataccama 13.9.3 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 13.9.3 of the Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. The release is backward compatible with version 13.9.0 (no upgrade required) and it brings usability and other fixes.

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ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM

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Security updates

Ataccama Security Advisories


  • ONE-39011: Improved documentation flow disaster recovery: canceling thousands of unfinished documentation flows now takes less than one second.

  • ONE-40055: DPE no longer fails if MANTA cannot be accessed, for example, due to licensing or connectivity issues.

  • ONE-35752: The sidebar preview is now available for catalog items with purpose field assigned.

  • ONE-38381, ONE-40666: The search no longer fails when querying catalog items whose name contains diacritics or special regular expression characters, such as parentheses (()) or ampersand (&).

  • ONE-36086 : The percentage metrics calculated for mask analysis during the sample profiling are now correctly determined based on the sample size used and not the total number of records.

  • ONE-39294: Granting permissions on a source or a catalog item to a Keycloak role now works as expected.

  • ONE-39874: DPE no longer creates waiting threads for its DPM client when DPM is unavailable.

  • ONE-39517: In ONE Desktop, using getRequestTime() expression when executing plans in SPARK mode works as expected.

  • ONE-39432: The Ansible installer includes the JWT keypair generator for installing hybrid DPE.

  • ONE-39036: DPM RAM usage no longer increases under uninterrupted continuous load.

  • ONE-39017: Fixed the issue with the property not working correctly.

  • ONE-38293: Grouping partitions is faster and more efficient, thanks to performance improvements.

  • ONE-37940: Sample profiling for Snowflake data sources no longer fails.

  • ONE-37298: DPM no longer falls into a restart loop due to an incorrect gRPC endpoint.

  • ONE-37082: The Collibra Reader step in ONE Desktop has been optimized for faster and more reliable loading of data from Collibra.

  • ONE-37032: It is now possible to use RDS processing on SPARK with multiple DPEs deployed.

  • ONE-36864: MSSQL databases accurately display parent-child relationships.

  • ONE-36119: DPM successfully reconnects to a database that has been restarted.

  • ONE-35549: Profiling jobs no longer fail with an OutOfMemoryError exception when processing tables with over 1k attributes.

  • ONE-33933: Keystore paths from DPE configuration properties are now correctly passed to runtime subprocesses.

  • ONE-38456: Using a Referenced Object property under the rule node no longer causes an error after publishing.

  • ONE-37595: Improved error messages when lookup creation fails.

  • ONE-34129: Post-processing plans can be successfully deleted from the web application.

  • ONE-35416: User no longer has to refresh the page to see the publishing bar after deleting rules in a monitoring project.

  • ONE-29675: Project ruleInstance no longer affected when a new term is assigned to the rule.

  • ONE-37361: Time series works properly when periodicity is 1.

  • ONE-38706: Terms created in ONE Desktop can be added to DQ rules.

  • ONE-39146: Multiple filters are supported in DQ results steps in ONE Desktop.

  • ONE-39567: Expected range correctly displayed in the profile inspector.

  • ONE-33021: Expected range hidden from anomaly detection visualization when time-independent model is used.

  • ONE-35853: Export overrides in MDM no longer fail.

  • ONE-38420: Restoring MDM checkpoint no longer results in database connection timeouts.

  • ONE-27992: In MDM values for attributes with the cio_ prefix are now displayed as labels, not as code.

  • ONE-38442: Paths in the mda-config.xml file are now relative to this file.

  • ONE-38906: It is now possible to hide the link to RDM Webapp in MDM Webapp.

  • ONE-36105: It is now possible to use MDM read step in Event Handler plans.

  • ONE-39907: MDM Webapp now correctly displays manual overrides.

  • ONE-40400: In MDM identifying a record after its creation no longer causes an error.

  • ONE-35852: In MDM override values from lookups are displayed correctly.

  • ONE-37738: Introduced user filtering so that the list of RDM users doesn’t include service accounts.

  • ONE-27898: Improved multi-editing of parent-child tables so that only child table records are modified.

  • ONE-38910: Fixed the issue with mismatched generatedPk_[relationship] values occurring after upgrade.

  • ONE-37491: Introduced user filtering so that the list of DQIT users doesn’t include service accounts.

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