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Run Plans

There are several ways how ONE users can run a plan:

To learn how to run plans inside workflows, see also Executing Workflows.
Plans are allowed to read from and write to any location on the machine where they are executed. Therefore, we recommend running them with the least level of privilege possible.

Best practices for executing plans

The following table illustrates typical use cases of different execution engines:

User scenario Execution engine Environment launch type

Working with catalog items for DQ tasks


ONE Platform launch

Working with catalog items in ONE


ONE Platform launch

Working with lookup files in ONE


ONE Platform launch

Working with big data sources

Spark DPE

ONE Platform launch

Working only with RDM or MDM

ONE Runtime Server

Local launch

Run plans using ONE Desktop

Plans in ONE Desktop can be run using ONE runtime or DPE. By default, plans are run locally in your default environment. When you create a new environment, you also decide about its execution engine (launch type).

Select environment launch type

If you select environment of the local launch type, your plans are executed using ONE Runtime. If ONE Platform launch type is used, plans are executed remotely.

To select the environment for running your plans, select Switch environment in ONE Desktop:

Switch environment

When the plan is built and contains no errors, you can run it. To execute the selected plan, click Run. Alternatively, press Ctrl+F11.

Run icon

When the plan has successfully finished running, the following message appears:

Run results

View the console output

During and after the plan execution, you can see the execution logs on the Console tab of the Status panel:

Console output

View the plan execution progress

To open the plan execution progress while the plan is being executed, select Show Progress in the Status panel.

Show progress

A new tab that opens shows the total number of records passing to each step.

Plan progress details

Run the plan with Java arguments

To pass runtime parameters (for example, Java arguments) to the plan:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Run option and select Run Configuration.

    Select run configuration
  2. Switch to the Runtimes tab and in VM arguments list the Java properties to pass to the plan.

    Runtimes > VM arguments
  3. Select Run to start the plan.

Stop the plan in ONE Desktop

To stop the plan while it is being executed, select Terminate in the Status panel.

Closing the IDE while the plan is being executed also stops the plan.
Stop plan

View historical run results

To view all plan executions in the current session and review any errors that occurred, switch to the Run Results tab in the Status panel and select a particular run

Historical run results

Run plans via command line

Locally using Runtime

If you want to use ONE Runtime Server to execute a plan, use the script. For more information, see run-a-plan-from-the-command-line.adoc.

Remotely using DPE

If you want to launch a plan remotely, use DPM CLI. For more information, see DPM CLI.

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