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Prepare Server Configuration

The ONE Runtime Server is configured by the server configuration XML file.

For more information about the structure of the server configuration file, refer to one-runtime-server:runtime-configuration.adoc.

Server Configuration Editor

You can edit the server configuration file directly in ONE Desktop, using the Server Configuration Editor.

prepare server configuration server config bean

Edit a server configuration file

To edit the server configuration:

  1. Right-click a file with the .serverConfig extension and select Open with > Server Configuration Editor. Or, simply double-click the file name.

    serverConfig file in Explorer
  2. Define the following attributes in the Server Config Bean node:

    • Port

    • Runtime Configuration file

  3. Configure the server components you need in Server Components.

  4. If necessary, define temporary folders in the Temp Folders node.

  5. Save your changes and close the editor.

    In the current version, editing server details, such as the server name, can affect certain functionalities, like running profiling on virtual catalog items related to that server. In that case, we recommend specifying additional parameters, for example, the new server name, through the global runtime configuration.

    This configuration is provided as a base64 encoded string to Data Processing Module (DPM) configuration. See DPM and DPE Configuration in DPM Admin Console, section Runtime configuration.

Server components

To view all currently configured components, open the server configuration file in the editor and select the Server Components node in the property tree.

You can make components inactive by checking the Disabled option next to the component name. This way, you can prepare several alternative component configurations and test them one by one without having to delete the alternatives.

For detailed information about the function and configuration of specific components, see one-runtime-server:server-components.adoc.

Add and remove server components

To add a component:

  1. Navigate to the Server Components node of the property tree and select Add.

    Add server component
  2. In the Select Implementation dialog, select the component from the list and confirm.

    Select server component

To remove a component, right-click the component in the property tree and choose Delete.

Configure server components

To configure a component, select the component name in the property tree and define the component attributes in the panel on the right.

Component configuration
Hover over the component in the property tree to see tooltips.

Create a server configuration file

To create a server configuration file:

  1. In the File Explorer, right-click a folder and choose New > Server Configuration.

    New server configuration
  2. Specify the file Name.

    Create new server configuration
  3. Select the components that you want to use and select Finish.

    Some essential components are preselected by default.

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