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Ataccama 13.3.1 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for the release of version 13.3.1 of the entire Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. The 13.3.1 release is backward compatible with version 13.3.0 (no upgrade required) and it brings performance and observability fixes.

Release information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM

Release date



Known issues

These issues could impact the functionality of your build; make sure to check them before proceeding with the upgrade.
Module Issue To be resolved in

ONE Desktop

ONE-25927: In some cases DPE log data may not be synchronized with ONE Desktop when Metadata Writer step is used in remotely executed plans. We recommend to run plans that contain Metadata Writer step only using Local Launch processing method.



ONE Desktop

We have added support for the following data source connectors:

  • Azure SQL Server with Active Directory authentication

  • Azure Synapse Analytics with Active Directory authentication

  • SAP Hana

Data Processing Module and Data Processing Engine

It is now possible to configure how DPM and DPE communicate, with the following options available:

  • NORMAL_REGISTRATION: The default option. In this case, DPM continues attempting to create connections to DPE.

  • FIREWALL_FRIENDLY_REGISTRATION: Enables a firewall-friendly mode of communication between DPM and DPE, which is implemented over a bidirectional gRPC stream that is created each time DPE registers with DPM, including re-registrations.

  • NO_DPM_REGISTRATION: Used for testing purposes. DPE does not attempt to register with DPM.

When firewall-friendly mode is enabled, the communication between these modules is done on one connection established from DPE and it is no longer required to open a separate inbound port to the machine where DPE is hosted. For more information, see DPE Configuration, section Configuring the Communication Mode between DPM and DPE.


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  • ONE-25580: SQL scripts for automatic migration have been fixed. Previously when some of the scripts failed, the application still restarted. Now it is not the case and the error is visible in the Upgrade Center application logs.

  • ONE-25679: Support for Azure SQL Server with AD authentication.

  • ONE-22255: Support for Azure Synapse Analytics with AD authentication.

  • ONE-24873: Support for SAP Hana.

  • ONE-22897: Enable communication over bidirectional gRPC stream between DPM and DPE.

  • ONE-25928: Schedule event is not triggered when EndTo parameter is set to same date as start.

  • ONE-25068: Multiple HTTP Listeners Cause Keycloak Security Bean Dependency Exception.

  • ONE-25483: MDM List Service doesn’t include Engine Nature flag.

  • ONE-25545: MDM Identify service cannot operate with engine columns.

  • ONE-25644: MDM ProcessMaster Service WSDL requires all defined entities to be present in request.

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