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Exploring MDM Web App

Master Data Management Web App allows browsing and editing data mastered in MDM.

This tutorial will walk you through several basic MDM Web App features based on a sample Customer Data Integration (CDI) project with a pre-configured solution and prepared data. For the full coverage of MDM Web App use cases, see MDM Web Application User Guide.

Launch the Solution

Go through the Example Project (see MDM Example Project) and complete the steps from the MDM tutorial (see Exploring MDM Features) up to and including the Single Customer View with MDM Web App section in order to complete all prerequisite steps.

Users and Permissions

In general, the availability of actions depends on the permissions assigned to each user. For example, the admin user has access to all actions.

User Password Description



Can perform any action in any workflow state.


Once you log in, a dashboard opens, displaying the following sections:

  • Search definitions

  • Tasks

  • Recently opened records

  • Data statistics

MDM Web App dashboard

Search for Data

The Search definitions section on the Dashboard contains search forms configured in the project. To try how search works, type imber into Last Name. Click Search.

The search results contain three records that satisfy the search condition.

The attributes highlighted in yellow and red indicator a validation error. The icon next to record IDs represent the overall record data quality. The document icon next to Timberly represents an override, an indication that the consolidated value has been manually corrected (as a temporary solution until the data is not corrected in the source systems).

MDM Web App master party tab

View the Record Detail

Click on the TImberly search result open the record detail. The record detail is where you can view record attribute values, related records, and additional information, like record’s drafts, tasks, and number of validation errors. This is also the place from which you can edit record data.

MDM Web App record detail tab

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