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Parameters Available in Transition Plans

MDM allows accessing some valuable information about a task (MDM processing/operation) in transition and export plans using function getParameterValue().

There are several types of information you can get.

User identity

You can access information about the user (who initiated the operation), assigned roles, and attributes, for example:


For more information, see Security and Audit, section Data audit trail.

Operation information

The same function can be used to get some other information about the operation.

Generic parameter assigned to the operation

Allows accessing any parameters given to the operation as part of Task Execution and Monitoring Services, OnlineCtl commands, or as a workflow parameter. Parameters cannot be set from the Web Console.


Operation name

Allows accessing the operation name.


The function returns a system-friendly name of the operation as listed here:

  • MDM operations:

    • batchLoad.<name of batch load> - Batch load defined in the Batch Interface configuration file, includes reprocess operations.

    • batchExport.<name of batch load> - Batch export defined in the Batch Interface configuration file.

    • multiLoad.<name of batch load>+<name of batch load>…​ - Multiload of batch operations, each single operation is defined in the Batch Interface configuration file.

    • stream.<consumer name> - Stream consumer load operation defined in the Streaming configuration file.

    • service.processDelta - Execution of a processDelta service.

    • service.processDeltaAsync - Execution of an asynchronous processDelta service.

    • service.processUpsert - Execution of a processUpsert service.

    • service.processUpsertAsync - Execution of an asynchronous processUpsert service.

  • MDM Web App operations:

    • mdm.publish - Draft publishing operation that includes individual edit, delete, split, and merge operations.

  • REST API operations:

    • Master:

      • service.REST.master.create

      • service.REST.master.edit

      • service.REST.master.delete

    • Instance:

      • RESTinstance (<request method>)

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