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Understanding ONE Error Codes

In certain cases when the application fails with a specific error code, it does not necessarily mean that something is going wrong. The application might just need more time to process the changes.

In the following table, you can find the possible error codes and the recommended actions to undertake for solving some of the problems:

Error code Error message Description


Could not reach the API. BE Might be dead at the moment.

The application cannot reach the server. This happens when the user is disconnected from the Internet or VPN (depending on the setup).

We suggest checking your Internet or VPN connection if this error occurs.


Server has updated metadata model. Please reload the application.

Multiple users are making major changes to the application simultaneously.

When someone is configuring the application with new changes, all other users can use the application only in the read-only mode. If a user is trying to apply the changes while the application is in the read-only mode, it results in the RABBIT error code for all users.

We suggest refreshing the ONE application in your browser. It might take up to five minutes for the application to start working again.

The changes made by a user in the read-only mode are not saved.


Server is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. Please try again later.

The server is not ready yet. For example, this might happen when the application is just recently started.

We suggest waiting a bit and refreshing the ONE application in your browser. It might take up to 10 minutes for the application to start working again.


Could not authenticate user.

There is a failure in communication with Keycloak and the application could not authorize the user successfully.


Unknown error.

The issue is not known.


Not found.

The user is trying to perform an action that is restricted by the current permissions (for example, the user has no permission to access some data), which leads to a not-found page.

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