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Ataccama 13.4.0 Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for version 13.4.0 of the entire Ataccama ONE Gen2 platform. Release information affecting all modules in the platform can be found in the first part, whereas platform and module specific information can be found in the ONE, MDM, and RDM sections.

Release Information


ONE Data Governance, ONE Data Quality and Governance, ONE RDM, ONE MDM

Release date



Known Issues

These issues could impact the functionality of your build; make sure to check them before proceeding with the upgrade.
Module Issue To be resolved in


ONE-27291: High availability for MDM is not working properly.



ONE-25239: MDM History Event Handler fails.

Workaround: Before migration or upgrade, all events have to be committed and event storage has to be empty.



ONE-31283: OnlineCtl commands for workflow (EWF) do not work in MDM Server. Affects versions 13.4 and higher.



ONE-31284: RunDQCProcess workflow (EWF) task does not work in MDM Server. See the JIRA ticket for a workaround. Affects versions 13.4 and higher.



ONE-31589: Native services on HttpEndpoint are not secured by default. Affects versions 13.4 and higher.



ONE-38906: The link to the RDM Webapp cannot be hidden in the MDM Webapp.



ONE-27130: After upgrade, RDM workflows are by default disabled and need to be enabled manually.



ONE-27980: Creating an RDM model project throws an exception.

Workaround: Download a hotfix and replace the default model project files.



ONE-27542: Sometimes, after publishing changes to Catalog Items' attributes and then opening the Catalog Items list, the error screen appears. Refresh the page to load the Catalog Items list.



ONE-26970: Jobs submitted via DPM CLI without mapping parameters may end with a failure.



ONE-27496: During a creation of a Virtual Catalog Item attributes and columns might not be sorted correctly and the item cannot be published.

Workaround: Right-click the component and select Update. Select Apply changes coming from entity and Confirm update.



ONE-33115: A metadata import or MANTA processing job remains in the RUNNING status and prevents other queued jobs from starting. For more information, see one-troubleshooting-guide.adoc.


Known Issues Resolved

We report known issues in each release. Below is the list of the issues that have been resolved across the platform for this version.

Module Issue Reported in


ONE-25015: Issue with relationship foreign key type (fix included in JIRA ticket).



ONE-25022: Bug in filtering of string columns in remote read step.



ONE-26573: MDM webapp no longer showing reference data codes instead of labels.



ONE Desktop

Run DPM Job Workflow Task

A new workflow task allows you to run plans using your DPM.

ONE Web Application

Anomalies in DQ Reports

Information about detected anomalies is now available in the DQ Report tab, which is often the main source of information for DQ users. If you need to check for anomalies using the DQ Report, on the catalog item level select Group by Attributes: the Anomaly column will be visible.

Outdated Rule Notifications

If your monitoring project contains rules that have since been edited, you will be notified in the Configuration & Results screen. You can update the rule instances to the latest version, by selecting Update all.

Lookup Improvements

  • References to lookups will be automatically updated when lookups are reuploaded.

  • You can rebuild lookups when reference data changes, even when the current version is still in draft.

  • Lookup items can be created directly from the catalog item or attribute page, and from the Profile and DQ insights tab.


Databricks Authentication

Beginning with 13.4 you can authenticate with your Databricks clusters using Azure Active Directory Managed Identity and Service Principal methods. Note that for these two methods SparkJDBC42 or newer is required.


In this version, native services available on HttpEndpoint in both SOAP and XML formats are not secured by default and additional configuration must be used. For more information, see Native Services.

MDM Server Introduction

MDM Server was introduced as a springboot packaging for the MDM Engine to make MDM more independent on the Runtime Server, improve MDM deployment in cloud environment, unify the technology stack across the platform, and simplify future MDM development. See MDM Configuration.

Note that version 13.4 should be used for new MDM projects only. For upgrade of ongoing projects, it is advised to wait for the more stable version 13.6.

Runtime Server Components

The Runtime Server is still used for workflows, online services, and some other supporting components, but other components have been rewritten for the MDM Server or removed entirely:

Rewritten components

Configuration of the following components has been moved to mdm-server-application-properties.adoc:

  • NmeServerComponent

  • MdaBackendComponent

  • UserSettingsComponent

  • DqitServerComponent, DqitMdaServerComponent

Removed components
  • DerbyServerComponent, H2ServerComponent, JmsMessageServerComponent

Components compatible with both Runtime Server standalone and MDM Server
  • Web Console Component, HealthStateComponent, VirtualFileSystem, JMS Provider, HA Component

  • Workflow, Scheduler, Online server

MDM Server application properties

The new MDM Server file now stores configuration previously defined in other files:

Configuration files up to 13.3.0 Configuration moved to from 13.4.0 onward


HTTP server

References to MDA, NME and DQIT config files

User settings


Keycloak configuration


AI Matching

URLs to other modules

Interal JWT authentication

gRPC server

OnlineCtl Discontinued

The OnlineCtl commands for MDM are no longer supported from version 13.4.0 onward. In future releases, this functionality will be replaced by REST API calls.

Upgrade notes

To determine your upgrade path for version 13.4.0, see the MDM Upgrade Procedure and MDM 13.4.0 Upgrade Notes.


Upgrade notes

There are no version specific upgrade notes for 13.4.0, to determine your upgrade path see RDM Upgrade Procedure.



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  • ONE-22722: DATE datatype is now used instead of DAY. Plans and workflows that contain DAY type are backward compatible with the exception of Text Analytics steps. Plans containing those steps need to be executed again in order to be updated.

  • ONE-25124: You can now use Azure Keyvault with Azure Active Directory to authenticate when connecting to Snowflake.

  • ONE-27030: Metadata Import fails in MMM due to invalid update statement.

  • ONE-26582: Profiling is failing if detection rule uses LONG, DATETIME or FLOAT lookup.

  • ONE-24229: Profiling is not working as expected if there are c. 2 billion records.

  • ONE-25761: Monitoring Project crashes after changing rule with 2 attributes.

  • ONE-25708: Import of monitoring project failing.

  • ONE-25830: "Update DQ check" displays a NullPointerException error.

  • ONE-25654: It is possible to add several identical DQ rules to an attribute (DQ project).

  • ONE-25841: Not possible to delete core:reference trait.

  • ONE-25862: DQ validation error not showing for suggested rule.

  • ONE-25894: "Discard changes" doesn’t work for the SCORE field.

  • ONE-20979: Reimport changes into Monitoring.

  • ONE-25143: Wrong DB version showing after restore.

  • ONE-24994: Create Lookup Item in sidebar from Catalog Item Overview and DQ tabs.

ONE Desktop

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  • ONE-26952: When adding a new server that uses a TLS certificate issued by an untrusted certification authority, you will be alerted and asked to confirm installation of the certificate.

  • ONE-25003: We added a new workflow task called Run DPM Job that allows you to submit a ONE Runtime job to be processed via DPM.

  • ONE-20514: DPE processing type is now selected automatically for plans launched remotely. We have removed the Data Processing Type selection from Environment editing dialog. You can still force a plan to be executed remotely using a specific type of DPE in run configuration of a plan.

ONE Web Application

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  • ONE-24532: Incorrect number of available items in pagination.

  • ONE-24928: Next scheduled event is in the past.

  • ONE-25706: Layout issue on "Compare page".

  • ONE-18360: Misleading DQ result - rounding to 100%.

  • ONE-25176: History is not updated in DQ Project when Purpose was added.


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  • ONE-25438: DPM automatically recognizes where a plan should be executed for ONE Platform Launch type environments. If a plan contains any Spark steps, ONE Spark DPE is automatically selected for execution of the plan.

  • ONE-25839: In order to be able to work with very large log files, we implemented a new property for DPM (, where you set the maximum number of log records to be fetched.


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  • ONE-22722: DQC now uses the DATE datatype instead of DAY, making it fully compatible with the DATE in MDM.

  • ONE-27046: Swapped email subject and body has been fixed.

  • ONE-26573: MDM webapp no longer showing reference data codes instead of labels.

  • ONE-25692: Entity name has been added to processMaster service output.

  • ONE-25227: High availability over SSL has been fixed.


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  • ONE-22722: DQC now uses the DATE datatype instead of DAY, making it fully compatible with the DATE in RDM.

  • ONE-24679: LKP file manual reupload introduced.

  • ONE-25292: Project upgrade template has been fixed.

  • ONE-24685: Lookup item rule conversion fixed.

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