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Configuration Service

The Configuration Service offers a centralized approach to handling configurations for different modules in multiple environments and brings the following advantages:

  • Ease of use and access. The Configuration Service comes with a user-friendly graphical interface from where you can work with configurations for application modules, modify security and logging options, and apply different configurations to specific environments. This makes it easier to control and track changes as it is no longer necessary to edit multiple files stored in different locations.

  • Increased transparency and security. The Configuration Service is only accessible to a limited number of users, which helps ensure consistency and minimize the chance of errors or conflicts in configuration. The module also has the possibility of encrypting communication between the server and the clients.

  • Scalability and flexibility. With the Configuration Service, multiple instances of a module can be run using the same configuration. You can also monitor whether modules have the latest configuration and check their liveness status. In addition, the Configuration Service supports defining variables that can be reused across modules and enables exporting and reimporting configurations as needed.

By default, the configuration data is stored encrypted in an internal H2 database but can be migrated to an external RDBMS (recommended for high availability).

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