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User Settings Component

User Settings Component is an Ataccama Server component designed to store MDM Webapp user settings like the columns that users have chosen not to display, filter settings, column width settings, and others. The configuration consists in choosing the type of persistence—in-memory or database—and, in the case of the DB persistence, specifying the database connection name.

Sample User Settings Component Configuration
<component class="com.ataccama.server.component.usersettings.UserSettingsComponent">
    <!-- <userSettingsFactory class="com.ataccama.usersettings.inmemory.InMemoryUserSettingsFactory"/> -->
    <userSettingsFactory class="com.ataccama.usersettings.jdbc.JdbcUserSettingsFactory" dataSource="mdc_db" prefix="us_"/>

In Memory Persistence

When the in-memory persistence is used, users settings are stored in the web server memory and are lost on server restart.

<userSettingsFactory class="com.ataccama.usersettings.inmemory.InMemoryUserSettingsFactory"/>

Database Persistence

When the database persistence is used, users settings are stored in a database and are permanently stored. The component creates all the necessary table when the server is started for the first time.

<userSettingsFactory class="com.ataccama.usersettings.jdbc.JdbcUserSettingsFactory" dataSource="mdc_db" prefix="us_"/>
Parameter Description


Name of the database connection. The connection should be present in the Runtime Config.


The tables created by the server have this prefix to distinguish them from other tables in the database.

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