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Configuring Search Definitions

When opening MDM Web App, the dashboard loads preconfigured search queries for ease of access.

To configure these:

  1. Open the MDM project in ONE Desktop.

  2. Go to GUI Configuration > Search.

    GUI Configuration Search tab
  3. To create a new search definition, select Add in the search panel.

  4. Click the row number of the new search filter to open the editing panel.

  5. By selecting Enable, your search definitions will appear in the My Saved Filters section of the filters.

  6. To see the search definition on the dashboard, select Show on dashboard.

    Search tab Show on Dashboard column
  7. Enter the details regarding the name, label, and description of the search filter. The Label will be displayed in the MDM Web App dashboard.

  8. Open the list of possible entities by pressing kdb:[Ctrl+Space] in the entity. Choose an entity to configure.

  9. Select Join by OR if you wish to use an OR operator. The default setting uses the AND operator.

  10. Next, under Columns, add columns that will be available to users in this search definition.

  11. Double-click the Default Operators column to get a list of all available operators.

  12. If the basic filtering is not enough, it is possible to write an advanced condition in the Advanced SQL Condition column.

    Search tab Advanced SQL Conditions column
  13. Finally, if you wish to make searching case sensitive, select Case Sensitive.

  14. Select Apply.

  15. To add another search definition, select the back arrow and repeat steps 3-11.

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