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OnlineCtl Commands

To start an MDM operation, the script using the OnlineCtl utility can be used:

call "%DQC_HOME%\bin\onlinectl.bat" -config ..\etc\default.serverConfig startMdcOperation {typeId}

All these commands are available from the command line:

Command Description Examples


lists all available operations



lists all running operations (wildcards available)

listRunningMdcOperation {typeId}

listRunningMdcOperation {typeId} [{typeId} …​]


invokes an operation and waits until it is finished

executeMdcOperation {typeId}

executeMdcOperation {typeId} [param=value …​]


invokes an operation and returns back

startMdcOperation {typeId}

startMdcOperation {typeId} [param=value …​]


waits till all/specified operations are finished (wildcards available)


waitForMdcOperationCompletion [{typeId} …​]


drops or creates indices (indexes) in persistence. If some indices (indexes) were created/deleted manually by a user, the operation will fail.

note: only VLDB persistence supports this command

manageMdcPersistence dropIndices

manageMdcPersistence createIndices

starts VLDB persistence’s LTC (transaction garbage collector)

manageMdcPersistence triggerLtc


starts a stream consumer

startMdcStreamConsumer <consumerName>


stops a stream consumer

stopMdcStreamConsumer <consumerName>


A housekeeping procedure. Completely purges all records with eng_existing=0 and deletion_tid <`TREF` in the _EXPORT_REG table, which means that the operation does not purge records until the information about logical deletion is provided in incremental exports that these records are part of. It is also possible to provide the names of incremental exports that should be ignored as arguments.

The operation is visible in the Admin Center under MD Process Monitoring > Execution Status.

runMdcRoutinePurge <complex_export> <another_inc_export>

For the operations that have {typeId} as an argument, it consists of: <type of operation>.<name of operation>. Types available:

  • batchLoad

  • batchExport

  • multiload - consists of batchLoad operations concatenated by the plus sign (see example below)


startMdcOperation batchLoad.crm_full
startMdcOperation batchLoad.life_full param1=val1 param2=val2
startMdcOperation multiload.batchLoad.crm_full+batchLoad.life_full
startMdcOperation batchExport.master_full
waitForMdcOperationCompletion batchLoad.*
waitForMdcOperationCompletion batchLoad.* batchExport.master_full

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