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Configuring Native Services

A native service endpoint is a definition of a location where native services are available. The definition consists of the protocol and format. MDM supports different types of protocols and formats (see Native Services, section Endpoints for more information).

Adding a native service endpoint

To add a new native service endpoint:

  1. Go to Services (double-click) and switch to the Endpoints Definition tab.

  2. Select Add and choose an endpoint protocol (this guide describes the HTTP endpoint).

    Services endpoint settings tab
  3. Double-click the newly added endpoint to edit the properties.

  4. Choose the Service format. SOAP is recommended as it provideas you with the WSDL of native services.

  5. Fill in the Endpoint Path Prefix and Listener Names to define the address where native services will be available for clients. The following example makes them available via the HTTP protocol in the SOAP format on the address localhost:<all_mdm_ports>/soapOverHttp.

If you designate a specific listener within the endpoint configuration, make sure to define it in the server configuration. See Adding an HTTP Listener.

Enabling native services

  1. Double-click the Services node in your MDM project.

    Services node in MDM Project
  2. Add the services that you need according to the following guidelines.

Consolidation and general services

On the Consolidation and General Services tab, you can configure the services that are available for the MDM consolidation hub.

Consolidation and General Services tab

Basic services

In the Basic Services section, select the service to enable it.

Configurable services

In the Configurable Services section:

  1. Select Add and choose a service.

  2. Double-click the created service and configure it (use tooltips as necessary).

Generate and deploy the services configuration file

After you have added all endpoints (and enabled services), right-click Services in the project tree, select Generate…​ and then Generate.

This updates the XML configuration in Files > etc > nme-services.gen.xml. For the changes to take effect, deploy the configuration file to the application server running MDM and restart the MDM server.

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