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Adding a Data Event Handler and Publisher

A data event handler represents an interface in the MDM Hub solution that captures changes in entity attributes during data processing and forwards change events to external systems using various connection channels.

Change events in record data always originate from a load operation (either a batch load or online processing request). These events can be transformed and published with current attribute values and old attribute values (filtering rules can be applied to some extent). Data change events originate from monitored entities across all MDM Hub model layers.

Event handlers store all necessary data to a specified directory during an operation in MDM. Once the operation is completed, it initiates publishing of the data.

Event handlers consist of two main parts: Processors and Publishers. These are two independent submodules of the event handler feature. While combining the different aspects of various processors and publishers is possible, some combinations might produce redundant configurations, in which case you are notified.

For information about monitoring event handlers, see MD Process Monitoring.

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