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Configuring Audit Log

The audit log allows you to see the actions performed in MDM Web App. It is possible to configure which MDM Web App user actions are logged.

To configure the MDM Web App audit log:

  1. Open the MDM Engine project in ONE Desktop.

  2. Go to GUI Configuration > Auditing.

  3. Select Add to start configuring a new audit log.

  4. Make sure the first column, Enable, is checked to ensure that the auditing is on.

  5. Fill in the configuration fields.

    Name Required Description



    Logging file name pattern; both absolute and relative paths can be used (the path is relative to the location of the server configuration file—typically Files>etc>mdm.serverConfig). The default value is: ../storage/mda_audit%g.log. The following special characters can be used in the file name pattern:

    • / - local pathname separator

    • %t - system temporary directory

    • %h - value of the "user.home" system property

    • %g - generation number to distinguish rotated logs

    • %u - a unique number to resolve naming conflicts

    • %% - translates to a single percent sign "%"

    File Size Limit


    The maximum file size in bytes before the log is rotated.

    Number of files


    Total number of log files to keep.



    If true, the log records are appended to the log file.

  6. Select user actions that need to be audited:

    GUI Configuration Auditing tab
    Name Description

    Export Action

    Exporting data.

    Data Browsing

    Viewing data, like opening a record detail or viewing search results.

    Draft Actions

    All actions within drafts, for example, adding operations to drafts or deleting drafts.

    Issue Actions

    Actions performed on issues, for example, editing or moving issues through the resolution workflow.

    Workflow Actions

    Moving drafts through the workflow.

  7. Select OK.

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