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Complex Export Operation

An export operation represents a batch output interface in the MDM Hub solution and relates to the MDM Hub Instance Layer or Master Layer model. A complex export operation lets you combine several exports into one and has several additional export types (in addition to Full Master Export and Full Instance Export):

  • Delta exports: Export only the records that have changed since the last export.

  • History exports: Export historical records.

  • Conditional exports: Create an export with an attribute condition, attribute OPERATOR value, for example cmo_party_type = 'P'.

Add the export operation definition

  1. Open the MDM project in ONE Desktop.

  2. Open Output Interfaces > Export Operations (right-click) and select New Consolidation Export Operation.

  3. Choose Complex Export.

    Selecting comlpex export operation
  4. Configure export operation properties:

    • Operation Name - Unique export identifier displayed in the ONE Runtime Server Admin (see ONE Runtime Server Admin).

    • Scope - Export scope. Can be inherited from global Preferences or overridden.

      Complex export general settings tab
      The Advanced tab allows you to also export internal eng_*_tid columns and define custom path variables and additional parameters.
  5. Under Data Sources, add one or several export implementations.

    Selecting implementation
  6. Right-click the newly added export operation in the Model Explorer and select Generate.

Configure the export plan

The plan generated based on the definition in step Add the export operation definition contains the input step for each exported entity with a dedicated prefix of the data source. It is necessary to add output steps and, optionally, custom logic for filtering or dividing data into multiple flows.

The following is an example of what a complex export plan might look like.

Configured complex export plan

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