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HTTP Server Configuration

This guide describes how to set up a new HTTP server port. Server ports handle web service requests and were previously referred to as listeners.

Default configuration

Port configuration is maintained in mdm-server > etc > (for more information, see MDM Server Application Properties).

An MDM server usually has one HTTP port configured (named default).

Default HTTP port configuration
#MDM HTTP server

The configuration allows other optional properties enabling SSL authentication.

All MDM endpoints are exposed on the same port by default, which means the listeners attribute of the HttpDispatcher component needs to be set to all, for example:

<component listeners="all" disabled="false" class="">

If used in the Runtime Server context, the property can still be used.

Advanced configuration

You can add another HTTP server port by adding the property ataccama.server.http.{listener_name}.port to MDM Server Application Properties.

Endpoints can be distributed among different server ports using path.exclude and path.include options as shown in the following example. Server port values and names must be unique.

Using multiple ports has its drawbacks:

  • It is usually not needed to define more HTTP ports since all MDM endpoints are exposed on the same port by default.

  • Other related settings do not expect more server ports:

    • SSL is set for all server ports.

    • If you are defining other advanced properties, all server ports are affected.

    • High availability can forward requests just to one server port.

Advanced HTTP port configuration
#MDM HTTP server

#MDM HA configuration

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